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  • cynicoptimist cynicoptimist Apr 22, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

    Sideways action

    New positive articles on SA having diminishing returns. Here's why:
    SA audience has largely heard about NVIV and has either hopped onboard or is waiting for something new to happen. NVIV needs to get picked up by other informational outlets. Also, and this goes for all of us too, we need to hear something new as well. Updates on hydrogel progress. Updates on the upcoming trials, progress toward patient selection. Publication of data. In our modern world, the exciting news of the dual FDA approvals has quickly become yesterday's news.

    Fortunately I expect we will hear some new things very soon. The window on the warrants is ~ half way through. There is supposedly data going to be published soon. And I really hope (company reads this board?), that we get some hydrogel updates soon. There is a lot of excitement potential in this area because there is a lot of promise in that product line. They need to start talking about them more.

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    • Cynic,

      Your insight about Seeking Alpha is, IMO, spot on and appreciated.

      As for a need to hear something new, I have heard all I need to hear. We are about to get our first patient for the clinical trial. We are about to make application for listing to a Major Exchange. That is enough for me - for now.

      Quite frankly, I just cannot believe I am in on the ground floor of this company. From my perspective, I have been buying this stock for almost a year. I do not wait for a good price, I just buy when the money is available. If things go as planned, these daily fluctuations in price are meaningless. By this time next year, we will be well into the double digit range.

      We should all be thankful we have time to buy at these levels. When one finds an opportunity like this, there is never enough time to accumulate as much as possible before the stock takes off. Young investors should go get a second job just to buy this stock and hope it stays this low for more than a couple of months.

      The great news is coming - no need to be impatient. Our DD is a done deal at this point. IMO, no one on this board (including me) owns enough of this stock!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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