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  • amandak4mk amandak4mk Apr 22, 2013 3:33 PM Flag



    Hold on.

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    • The price of this stock is going nowhere until after up listing. First, retail investors alone can only support a market cap up to a certain threshold. So any move higher is most likely temporary (people are going to sell any rally because they do not have long term positions). Second, if the stock is still around this price during up listing institutions are more likely to take a long position than short. It would be much better in the long run that institutions take a long position (more positive news, upgrades, and recommendations to clients). Third, more diverse base of investors means less volatility and potential for manipulation. If someone dumps 20,000 shares at the right time, you can send the stock tumbling lower and pick up even more shares at a lower price.

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      • I partially agree, Jones. I think the retail investors can keep it up in the low 3's unless one of 2 things occurs, market makers play some games or a large influx of new shares from warrant conversions. Either way, i do agree that the stock should find some nice support higher than where it currently is once its on a bigger board.

    • Amandak, level II told the story yesterday and today. There was no significant asks until 3.15-18. Same as today so far. Smart money is sitting tight.

    • You worry way too much about the insignificant stuff.

    • Buy more.

    • NVIV still up almost 100% in a little over 2 months. Lots of traders taking profits, but there will be days that funds buy in and drive it up too. It will be volatile, however i have to believe that all in all it will maintain this level at least until human trials start, then it should make a nice considerable jump again. A move to nasdaq might help too. But it will be volatile, might be best to hold some and trade some. glta, all imo

    • any long term holder with a investment goal in mind wouldn't possibly focus on the daily market price action in this medical breakthrough technology... The company is doing everything they said they would, and more, even though it took a little longer than anticipated (delays imho given the nature of the circumsatnces regarding first in human trials should be expected with our FDA). Please give IR a break and let them do thier job as I am sure they have plenty to focus on... Once this technology platform is validated, as I believe it will be, then you haven't seen anything yet in valuation and gyrations in stock price... i am sure your intentions are good natured but come across like a nervous nelly... anyone questioning their investment should just re-read the last few press releases, sit back and let this management team execute the plan....

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    • No problem whatsoever---now I can buy more on the dip!!

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