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  • aretxen aretxen May 2, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Whats the best case scenario ?

    1) Spinal cord injuries become repairable
    2) Paralyzed patients walk again
    3) Quadriplegic patients gain ind├ępendance and some normalcy
    4) No competition.. stock goes to $100 share.. maybe more !
    5) All major insurance companies back the sh#t out of this company because of pure greed
    6) NVIV is basically the perfect investment ..
    Low cost ..
    lots of leverage..
    smart management ..
    incredible product (pending)
    no competition
    Name your product sell price .. who won't pay ?
    So far .. almost totally undiscovered 99% +/-
    How to say this carefully .....
    -- This is by far the most perfect investment I have ever found

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    • Best case long term?
      1,2, and 3

      4. Saying there is no competition is a little naive. Frank has been saying that stem cells are 10-15 years from commercialization, but I pose the question, "Is there any reason the FDA won't fast track a company that proves safety and efficacy in phases I and II?" The silver lining, is that NVIV is in a position to partner with any successful stem cell companies and sharing revenue instead of being a pure competitor. There are already numerous stem cell organizations in the midst of FDA approved trials.

      5. Health insurance companies will be a catch-22 relationship (I work in healthcare as a consultant and deal with insurances but from the hospital side). On the one-hand, the insurances will save a ton of money if NVIV's tech proves successful. On the other, the lower the reimbursement for the device, the more they save.

      6. To be the perfect investment, they need (IMO):
      - Prove the tech works
      - Prove that the hydrogel products can be advanced into FDA trials
      - Partner soon to speed up revenue and nullify the need for a capital raise
      - Clean Frank up - Reduce compensation and train him to be more conservative with timeline estimates
      - Get an Investor Relations guy that actually returns phone calls or emails!

      Disclosure: still long and looking forward to the above noted items

    • You've just mentioned the spinal chord end of the business. The injectable scaffold with methylprednisolone is projected to have even bigger market potential.

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