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  • dockmartin2003 dockmartin2003 May 7, 2013 12:36 PM Flag

    Sold my shares today

    I sold all of my shares today at a loss. NVIV's highs have been getting lower in the last week, shown via historical prices. This suggests to me that it's trending down for now. Things may turn around tomorrow, next week, or whenever. I think the company has potential and remain hopeful of their application. I'll keep my eyes open and wait for a turnaround if one could even call it that. Right now it seems that their are influences taking some profit off the table. Its behavior will probably remain volatile until trading begins on actual fundamentals and not hype from excitement, speculation, and emotions. Good luck everyone.

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    • This baffles me, Dock. If you got in over 3, then you JUST got in recently. And if you sold just as quickly because you did not get an immediate return, you are not investing. You are gambling. If you DO get back in, I suggest you don't watch the day-to-day. You need to check your emotions at the door of Wall Street. Good luck in the future.

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    • Pattern for last five days is interesting. For the first four days a serious price spike initially followed by a sudden drop and then a grind down. Next day it repeats with lower highs and and end of the day lows.
      But today an early drop followed by good bounce half way back, another sag followed by a upswing towards the close but still a net 3.33% down day. I'll guess we've reached a bottom and tomorrow will close higher than today. Pattern of first four days has changed. JMHO

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    • I agree with you guys. I got in at around 3.25. But then I realized that I could've gotten it closer to 3.00 due to its 3.00 to 3.24 movement last week; it's closings around 3.00. So I thought, why not grab it lower? Average down. I sold at around 3 because of the temporal downtrend. Turns out it went to 2.85 today so congrats to those who got it lower. No need to call anyone stupid here. I'm just testing the water. I think the company's underrated and it's too early to predict that this won't go lower than today and way higher!!!

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      • You are still stupid. Worried over 24 cents??? Seriously??? On this stock??? Please - stay out of the stock market for your own good.

        You are going to see 24 cents swing higher some day instead of lower, and you will avoid buying. That will prevent you from missing out on what could be the stock holding of a lifetime.

        Over 24 cents per share??? are stupid. At least when it comes to the stock market. Acknowledge it and move on to fields you are no doubt well-suited for. It's not Wall St.

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    • Thanks, I was the one who bought them from you.

    • What the heck? What price did you buy into it at, 3.50? Lost money at (price now is 2.92)? Maybe you would be better off putting a dollar into a slot machine if you need a quick result. Of course this stock will go up or down, depending on news or no news, but to say you sold your shares at a loss suggests you are putting into somethng else that has more potential than Langer and hope for paralized folks? Have fun with that. As Austin Powers would say, this company just found it's MOJO. Yeah, baby!

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    • You are stupid. As such, you need to stay out of the stock market. Nothing more to say, as you can't fix stupid.

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    • I seriously doubt the veracity of the OP. I wonder when the name was created. Who in the world would sell their shares at a loss when the stock is poised to take off rather soon? I simply don't believe it. But in the slight chance it is true... there should be an IQ test given before someone can open a brokerage account. Sorry to have to say that.

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    • My friend, I would have recommended you added to your position as the downtrend continued. It will bottom soon and any positive news will send it back up. I intend to add more shares this week, even if it is over $3.00 because a ground floor opportunity like this with the excellent potential this stock has, rarely comes along. To each his own though.

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