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  • marcus796 marcus796 Jun 21, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Let's address the "issues"

    Ok; let's quickly break down the "issues" that some have raised: 1). CEO not be transparent - he has been nothing but transparent. In fact; companies that are listed on the major exchanges require even more reporting than companies that are OTC. So the fact they are moving that direction is a step toward openness vs the other way around. He has told everyone how many shares he can sell; many times they just drop the news on you and sell tons at once. His preset sell expired..and he was renewing to likely make it easier; only renewed to end of year; probably for tax reasons etc... 2). Dilution. many times companies in the biotech area pump the stock to then dump more shares to raise cash. NVIV did the opposite - they let the stock move up and was able to raise cash without a secondary but using existing Warrants to raise cash and get uplisted. Nobody seems to appreciate that. 3). Trials - the trials are for safety reasons primarily. So would you rather them rush to trial without proper control group and monitoring in place. Trials can begin as early as July 4th..but remember..they aren't waiting for a patient to be rushed in...they can likely use preset upcoming SCI treatment patients to implant. Not for a cure..but to monitor infections am glad they are are waiting. And no hard guaranteed date was why do an announcement and make it look like you set one and didn't keep it. 4). Stock run up - it ran to 4.75 on heavy volume and small cap biotech speculation..those traders are clearly out now...and the shorts are likely the end of it..look back for the past few years...this CEO and company have been nothing but a top performer..even at today's price. ETC...I could go on...but won't. I once read that in the longterm - today is nothing but a blip. I just think those that are disappointed in recent price movement are wanting to get rich quick vs doing their time. IMHO

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