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  • voisybay voisybay Jun 22, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Potential Takeover

    At what point in In Vivo's development would a "suitor" come along and make an offer to buy out Mr. Reynolds and the companies pipeline/products. Will In Vivo need to be actually making money before this could happen or would a "spectacular" clinical trial result (i.e upcoming scaffold study)--expediate this process? Also Mr. Reynolds once had an executive position with Siemens AG- this company develops manufactures, and markets medical diagnostic and therapeutic systems, and devices---Could they be a "player" in all of this (besides possibly Stryker or Johnson & Johnson)?

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    • Frank previously stated that they have already turned down offers

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    • If we are in the type of company we all think we are ,,,the worst thing that could happen to the shareholders is a take over ... Yes we would make a double on our money which at first brush looks attractive until you look at companies like Biogen or Amgen ..The growth of those companies over the years has made millionaires out of people that invested 10 thousand dollars {look at their long term charts} . Luckily it is very rare for the big phara companies to buy out the small caps .. They generally wait until the target is fully developed ....Please no takeover !..JMHO

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    • Agreed. I believe most biotechs would welcome a buyout, for the right price. That is the biggest issue - what IS the right price?

      I've been invested in a number of companies that have been "bought out" over the years. A few have resulted in great profits since the buyout came when the stock was at or near its peak. Unfortunately, many have been bought out after something caused the PPS to decline to the point that the premium paid either barely brought my investment back to even or was below that point.

      Timing is everything and, like market tops and bottoms, difficult to accurately predict. I've learned over the years to not get too greedy. Yes, some gains can be missed but more often losses can be avoided. There have been too many times when I resisted selling a stock that had doubled or more in PPS, only to fall back and never recover.

      One piece of advice given to me many years ago by someone who was literally wiped out by holding certain investments too long: "Nobody ever went broke taking a profit." It's advice I chose to ignore a couple of times to my chagrin.

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      • I don't see In Vivo's PPS declining after a take over--wouldn't a larger "player" not already have a large distribution/sales force in place for something like the Hydrogel and it myriad of applications? As such the time to market (upon FDA approval) would be that much faster along with the net increase in the intrinsic value to the PPS. I'm wondering if any "buyout" would entail giving the original shareholders In Vivo shares in the company buying them out?

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    • From what Frank Reynolds has said there are two parts to the story.
      NVIV SCI treatments could probably be taken through trials and to market with cash on hand and future dilution in a year or so at higher share prices . Small marketing team would be able to cover all the trauma centers and docs who specialize in SCI treatment.
      The larger potential market for periferal nerve treatment using hydrogels and methylprednisolone will require quite a lot more money for product development to FDA approval and once approved will require a large team of sales people to market it to the large number of doctors who could prescribe it. For this talk of partnering to help pay for development and distribution has been mentioned by Frank.
      These are both reasonable scenerios. There is no near term shortage of development cash for at least the SCI first stage trial.
      If Frank wants to remain in charge he could follow those routes, however if he wants to cash out as a mega millionaire he has that option. But maybe a billionaire in five years if he doesn't sell out.

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    • "Suitors" as you put it are watching Invivo closely; once the initial trial is completed, serious offers will come. Whether there is an acquisition or not is anybody's guess.

    • I don't have the source but I remember frank said there had been offers from the likes of JNJ but he said no at the time. He said he would only consider a buyout when it represented a considerable premium for the shareholders. I think he wants to grow into a fully integrated biotech and generate the most value that way.

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