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  • mlopez19 mlopez19 Jul 8, 2013 12:52 PM Flag


    is buying at 4.00 a share still a bargain for this stock. This is my first stock. I already have some shares.

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    • I added more shares yesterday at $3.96. Glad of that!

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    • so did you buy? up over 10% in 3 days. Obviously some good news is coming, quite a move in a short time. glta

    • mlopez,
      Congrats on your first stock. You picked a great biotech. Just curious did you hear about it? NVIV is not well known ,but it will be soon. Do yourself a favor and read as much as you can about your new investment and make sure you read the "Blue Sky " thread that the posters are giving directions how to pull it
      up again. It is very well written hence the referrals. There are some great posters here and just one major goofball who is really nuts and has a million crazy names he posts under saying completely irrational mean rants. You have probably already figured that out. There is also one poster that says misleading outrageous good things and while all longs, of course, look forward to such big headlines ,over the top big pumps like that are so silly as NVIV doesn't need it. This company is on it's way to great things quite soon all on it's own merits and science.
      Good luck,

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    • Yes, considering that there are two major catalysts (up-listing to a major exchange and the commencement of human trials) coming up in the near-term.

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    • NVIV held strong recently around 3.80 when the market was diving. Appears that right now, it's trading range is 3.90 +/-. Uplisting is on the way, and though i don't think uplisting alone will do much for the stock, we are one good informative article away from surging over $5 as the trial start nears. And I believe the trial starting will focus a lot of attention on NVIV and get the pps near $6. then it will all depend on how the results come in. Other things that could help pps is news about a hydrogel partner, but they would not release that or any significant news until after uplisting imo. Right now may be the quiet before the storm, with limited downside risk to around 3.80 imo (exception being significant market downturn or dilution). Near term upside about 50% imo. all imo, do your own dd, glta

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    • It will be a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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