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  • sam_verdonck sam_verdonck Jul 17, 2013 5:10 AM Flag

    Stop Loss

    Hi all,

    I'm a amatuer invester, trying to make something of the little savings I have. I have only been investing for about a year now and am currently in two stocks. I have 1000 ONVO (avg $3) and 1500 NVIV (avg $4). Bought 500 NVIV today at $5. The first 500 were at $2.9.

    I am aware that my "portfolio" is anything but diversified and kind of risky. So, here comes the question:

    What do you guys think would be a good price to put in a stop loss order, or several different ones? I dont want to have sold everything due to some fluctuations, to miss the run up later. Neither do I want to risk losing everything to a severe price drop caused by who know what.

    Your thoughts on this would be very appreciated. Do you have stop losses set?

    Thanks in advance & excuse my english, it's not my native tongue...


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    • Thanks for the replies everyone! It certainly is nice having a board like this one, with helpful & informed people on it.

      I do not have "a brokerage account" just yet (applied for one though, should be active any day now...) and trade via my bank. They do allow me to put in stop loss orders for NVIV. They call it a "stop market order", but I can't see how that could be different. I can also set a stop limit order. So know that it's possible, you might have to change brokers...

      I might put 1/3 at 4.20 - 1/3 at 4 - 1/3 at 3.80. If it drops there I will at least have money back. And I don't think it would go that deep due to "normal fluctuations". But then there is something called a bear raid... What to do, what to do...haha

      Thanks again for all your thoughts on this. Very much appreciated!

    • Be careful about selling NVIV. It is in a sweet spot of converging catalysts. UPLISTING And HUMAN Trails,both of which will keep the stock in positive territory. Can you imagine what the demand will be for the stock if human trails are positive?. Doesn't your speculative side desire the patience to see it through? Roll the Dice and have faith.! This one could be big!

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    • when it hits 8, sell half and ride your free shares. Find another gem at the bottom. Don't know about ONVO. Make sure ONVO has near term significant catalyst to keep investor interest. That's what's great about NVIV, at least 3 near term significant catalyst we know of, other suprises possible. gltu

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    • Sam,

      Great two stocks to be in right now!

      Basically, you are saying you want to trade the stocks, because stop-loss is a method of trading based on share price. That is, anytime you buy and sell stocks, you are trading.

      My question would be do you want to trade on "price" or "catalysts?" NVIV is beginning to level out pre up-listing. It could drop (or not) a few pennies or even more, but if you get stopped out, the price goes back up a little by the end of the day, and notice of up-listing comes out the next morning, you're screwed!

      Trading on "price" seems counterproductive and just too difficult. The problem is that you have no idea what to do when you are stopped. Do you buy back in immediately? Do you wait for the price to go lower to buy back? Do you sit and watch the price go back up while you are on the sidelines? It's just too hard for a beginner.

      I appreciate and applaud your desire to protect your investment. My thought would be that you think about when you want to get out! If there is a big catalyst coming up, a drop in share price does not make much difference and you probably want to stay invested. If you see nothing in the immediate future that will drive the price, you may want to go to "cash" with a majority of your holding.

      Given you have two good stocks, you might be better off trying to weight them one versus the other, based on which one has the strongest upcoming catalyst. There are a lot of good investors on this board with sound thinking, so I would pay attention to what they say as far as the strength of any upcoming catalyst. You might even try finding the same poster on the ONVO board and try to learn how he/she is allocating their money between the two stocks.

      Best of luck to you!

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    • I am relatively new as well but my approach is this: I am not at all worried about NVIV (I know nothing about ONVO so not commenting on that). Through all my research, what I see here on a regular basis, and a silly "gut" feeling, I'm not even considering selling. That said, I do have alerts set up to send me a text if a stock goes above/below e a certain amount and if it sets a new record high/low. That is at least a warning and you can make a decision to sell at that point if you want? As with gambling, I consider this money spent.

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    • I never set a stop-loss in developmental biotech - it's an invitation to get your pocket picked.

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    • Sam,
      Congrats on your investments, you've chosen two winners. That said, I would be careful regarding stop losses. I appreciate your concern and protecting profits. However, as Seekingprofits said below, stop losses aren't available on OTC stocks. You're well in the money on both stocks and both have tremendous long term potential. Don't rob yourself of that by selling early or if there is a pullback. I would consider adding to your positions, not selling. Just my opinion.

      Congrats on getting in early on both!! You will be rewarded IMO.

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    • You can't execute a stop loss order on OTC Markets.

    • sam,
      As far as NVIV goes, I don't believe I'd be too worried about it. With the upcoming catalysts, you will be wondering how long you want to hold it. Myself, I'm holding well into the gell submission and possibly longer. I can't speak for ONVO.

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      • johnnykita1 Jul 17, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

        NVIV looks good. I have been watching ONVO. It's cutting edge technology but it looks dangerous to me but if you're in @3, You're looking real nice. Be ware of a big dump. Just my gut feeling though. And what do I know. I don't own any right now and who knows what can happen with a stock like that. I think it fell last year though between June and July from 11 to 2. That concerns me a little.

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