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  • lookingfortink lookingfortink Aug 5, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    Dr. Eric Woodard....

    Chief of Neurosurgery at New England Baptist, AND chief medical officer at NVIV will be the one doing the surgery on the patients in the initial human trials. Some how I don't think this guy would be willing to put his reputation on the line for something that has no real potential. Suck eggs Bubbles.

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    • When did he last make any public comments ? Obviously this doc is credible and very talented.
      We all simply have to be patient and wait for the trials to begin ... good news will follow ... once there is an actual product to sell .. this will be a monopoly of sorts .. at that point someone will simply make Frank an offer he can't refuse and then its over!! Only a matter of time

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      • His comments are part of an article from May 21, 2013 titled Cambridge Firm Launches First of Its Kind Spinal Cord Injury Study. If you google that, it should come up. Great article. There's also a small blurb in Becker's Spine Review that identifies Dr. Woodard as the physician who will be performing the FDA trials.

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    • Somehow I don't believe FR is going to be in the operating making the first incision. So anything Bubbles says against FR is pretty much irrelevant.

      Seems to me Dr. Woodard has an understanding of the potential risks involved.

      "There's excitement but at the same time an equal amount of caution," Woodward said. "We want to do this right. There's a tremendous amount of concern for safety. If you've lost so much function, obviously tehre's an enormous importance attached to maintaining what you've got left and not creating more of a problem due to the treatment itself."

      Hhhmm...who should I believe? Bubbles the monkey, an escapee from a poorly run animal testing facility, or this guy. What to do what to do, what to do?

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      • He's also very grounded as far as what he expects from the scaffold. You need the ying to the yang and he's the ying to FR's yang. :-)

        For example, Woodard does not talk of people walking again. And he does not utter the word “cure.”

        “‘Cure’ is certainly not a scientific term; it’s an emotional term,” he said. “And the enormous complexity of spinal cord injury really requires that any use of the word ‘cure’ has to be used in a very careful manner. We’re looking to make small, incremental improvements.”

        Incremental improvements like restoring someone’s grip, or tricep function, so the person can support himself or herself on their elbows and transfer in and out of a wheelchair. Even very small improvements in neurologic function can be very, very significant to people’s lives,” Woodard said."

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