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  • imamisanthope imamisanthope Aug 10, 2013 1:56 AM Flag

    Enough with the ad hominem attacks

    Enough of the ad hominem attacks. It’s annoying and childish and I am trying to establish a reputation as a stock sage. Think Cramer meets Kramer with a splash of Howard Stern. My mother says your ad hominem attacks are confusing to my followers so, unless you agree with me, you are no longer allowed to comment on my anti-NVIV comments. You are also no longer allowed to bring up my mother’s basement. It’s difficult to attract sponsors to my stockmatusow website when you promote that it’s me singing in a messy basement. The mess may even have overshadowed my performance. And it's not even my fault. Damn mother!

    While I do recognize that NVIV is special, my issue with them is personal. And because it’s important for me to be right at all costs, and because I am already on record as saying NVIV would fail, it’s necessary for me to do anything I can to make them fail. I’m called a “basher” but I’m not bashing. I simply need to create negative sentiment so people sell, or don’t buy, or visit my website so I can attract sponsors. So I can appear to be right. I like to be right. I also like to scream at my brother. I like to scream. And I like ice cream. It feels good after screaming at my brother. And my mother, too, if she doesn’t clean my room on time. Or if she uses store-bought Parmesan cheese on my linguine instead of fresh-grated. Or if she doesn’t pay the cable bill and I lose my basement Wi-Fi. So stop commenting on my threads. Let me say what I want, even if it’s false, so I can create the image I want for myself, and so I can influence people to do what I want. Idiots off the bus.

    You must also realize that to talk back to me just motivates me. I am already on this message board all day and night. If you don’t treat me with respect, or fear, or admiration, or worship, I’ll be here every afternoon, too. After I’ve had lap time with my kitty whom I’m training to use the potty.

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    • There are rumors that I am a high school dropout. There are rumors that I am not "officially trained" in the markets which I claim to be skilled in. There are rumors that I yell at my brother, that I talk like Richard Nixon but sing like his dog on YouTube, and that my stock stance is really a vehicle to get attention. I'd just like to say... these rumors are all true. Also true is that l have followers who do what I tell them to do because I learned how to fake it from from my famous (or infamous, take your pick) poker brother. And because I am Scott Matusow.

    • FYI, I've been working on some new posts for this week, to instill fear and doubt. I'd appreciate if if you didn't comment or refute. Just let the newcomers read my posts and think I'm right. You and I know the truth, that I'm lying in order to push down the PPS, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't let them know it. Thanks. Oh, and if you DO comment, and it helps me, I'll give you a "I heart stockmatusow" pin. I made them myself.

    • Years ago, I part-timed as a priest, well, at least until I repented and became a non-believer. During that period of time, a doctor, lying on his death bed, requested my services. So I went to the hospital, as he wanted to make his last and final confession, prior to his passing.
      He proceeded to tell me of an event sometime back wherein he was delivering yet another baby. When the baby was born, he was greatly stunned at what he had just delivered. He recalled his exact words: “Damn Mother”! And with that he slapped the mother for what she had just done.
      Long story short, he watched this child from time to time as it struggled to reach maturity. The child had this perplexing need to constantly seek out respect from others, their fear, admiration and even some form of worship towards him.
      The doctor claimed that he somehow felt guilty and partially responsible for this child and his struggles through life. He said that if perhaps I would have slapped the baby’s bottom rather than the mother, the baby may not have struggled so, and for this, he wanted to repent. He was about to tell me this child’s name so I could fulfill his last dying wish by passing on his apologies; however, he took one last breath and was gone.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Imamisanthope, I knew that wasn't your mom's basement you were recording from because if it was, she would have cleaned it for you and wiped the potato chip crumbs off your face before letting you record your favorite Foreigner song at 3 am because you are an insomniac. Nope not your moms's basement, that is your Big Boy apartment and you definitely love your own funk. Good way to get subscribers.

    • Reminds me of Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers. "Ma! The meatloaf!"

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    • of the day, made me spit out my coffee !!!

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    • Bravo!

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    • Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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    • "Oh" stock sage rosemary and thyme, in reality nobody cares what anyone says on this message board.
      Yes this company is special. Say whatever you want .. very little is relevant . Entertaining , maybe ! As for Cramer ... why ? he barely ever gets anything right ... Good for exposure .. as for content, he is a buffoon .. entertaining yes. I would prefer getting my advice from Kramer ! Bottom line .. this board is for all our amusement . some good content ... nobody really cares what anyone says . The outside world is a gazillion times bigger than this board !!

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