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  • fraud_serling fraud_serling Aug 29, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Adam Feuertstein Tweet about company's lack of credibility

    Adam Feuerstein thinks NVIV has demonstrated a complete lack of credibility in the following Tweet yesterday:

    $NVIV blacklisting (at) JNapodano tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the company's total lack of credibility.

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    • FurStain & Jason are both proven short tools. They've shown their colors time and time and time again over the years. If you see their names pop up you can rest assured that heavy manipulation is in play by shorts.

    • Hey fraud,
      I only joined T wittier to follow a couple of people not related to stock market. Personally , it is not my kind of thing and I really don't even know how to use it very well. I have one follower and I only use their direct messages to exchange thoughts about life and now and then investments. I have no desire to tweet to the world. I do follow Adam Fuersein and Jason Napandano. I figured , well let's see. I had heard of them both from yahoo message boards. Jason to me is still a bit interesting and I figure it all adds to my personal book of knowledge write or wrong. Though ,I find him a lot less credible as far as his integrity goes these days.
      JMHO. Adam Fuerstein .....well he is a different story. He is sooo totally vile . The content of his tweets are gross . Lots and lots of profanity and subject matter many times is about "poop" shall we say. Many tweets not about stocks focused on porn, and human sex organs etc etc. You get the picture. How does anyone value or like him I don't know? How does all his" none stock talk chatter " not effect his career or credibility ? I don't get that AT ALL.
      My problem is , ok go ahead and laugh , I just cant figure out how to "unfollow him". LOL My fault of course. The way T wittier is set up you almost have to read what someone posts because they all flow straight through. Yuck! He is pretty creepy and someone who cares about no one but himself .
      My two cents each there own.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Lack of credibility.ouch.will test $ 1.2 looks like just one or two days.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Old news.

    • He is not blacklisted, he is back on their site last I looked. Daily volume trading is decreasing steadily, many shares are being held.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Who is Adam Feuertstein and why should I care what he thinks? I ask this seriously, as I've never heard of the guy or know who he is. Without credentials, he is just another person with another opinion to me - no more and no less.

      "Blacklisting" JNapodano is nothing more than removing him from their website. Certainly not a big deal to me, and if I were NVIV I likely would never have put him out there in the first place. Does it blow up NVIV's credibility? In my book - no.

      Napodano is a sell-side analyst who blogs for seeking alpha. Whoopty-doo. Feuerstein? Never heard of the guy, so before I judge NVIV's credibility based on a comment from Feuerstein, I'd like to know a little more about the credibility of this guy.

      I do know the credibility of Langer and gang - which trumps any of these others by miles IMO.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to fagenbecker
      • Faggy: Yours is probably one of the most ignorant posts I've ever read...And that says a lot when taking into account the thousands of AzzClowns who post on this board! You are one ignorant s.o.b. NVIV & its management is utterly lacking in credibility. I follow hundreds of companies and have never, ever seen one of them remove an analyst. Removed him because he has the ballz to write & tweet the objective truth??? Moreover, NVIV is only followed by one other analyst. JUST 1!

        Expect a shareholder class action lawsuit. Typically such suits are without merit. Not this time. The ex-CEO is a dishonest #$%$. He spread mis-information and was a hype machine...all the while cashing out on thousands of shares on practically a daily basis. The rest of the management team stood by and let it happen. They are complicit and will be held accountable.

        The delay and restructuring of trials was known by the company for some time. Yet, they chose to keep it under wraps until they fired their CEO. And make no mistake, Frank was fired for conduct unbecoming...and for manufacturing hyped-up lies.

        I expect the situation to get ugly...well uglier...

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