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  • envy_vo envy_vo Sep 18, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    OT: Jesse no need to run from challenge!.

    I find it strange that JESSE would claim my strategy is all wrong, yet when I challenge him to pit his strategy against mine he hides under a rock and says,

    "that challenge is absurd and it isn't a competition. For one you don't just pick a bunch of stocks and say today is the right entry point for all of them, and why would you take full positions in new holdings."

    I assume, Jesse, you have a "diversified" portfolio. I am on record owning one stock. We start at today's closing prices, with $10,000 each. I can ONLY buy and sell NVIV. You can buy and sell ANY OTHER stocks on the market, and we see who has the most money on March 1.

    Let me help you understand, Jesse. If you have a total of $900 invested in five stocks, you would simply divide the part of your $900 invested in each of the five stocks to determine the percentage of your portfolio accounted for by any one stock. Then multiply that percentage by $10,000 to see how much you have in each stock at the beginning of our contest.

    Trades cost $7 each and post to our accounts at the time we post the trade to the message board.

    There is no buying new stocks today - you simply put up your "diversified" portfolio against my one stock.

    Got balls?

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    • I win! Bought 5000 more at 5.50 yesterday and up already more than you will ever be up with this garbage! one stock is proably not a good idea unless your one stock is onvo!

    • envy_vo,
      You got some balls coming back here after I haven't seen you around since the 5's "No one can own enough shares of Invivo" well I listened to you and accumulated around the 5's. And look where we are today. Now you're back pumping... If you are any omen, I know now that this stock can only be headed to zero. I think I'll sell my shares, you can buy them.

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      • 1 Reply to johnny.kabuki
      • Johnny,

        According to you, you have

        "essentially written this stock [NVIV] off as a huge long shot/loss because I know so little about what they are doing..."

        and are

        "down a good 30K in 3 months all because of my purchase of NVIV"

        I have frequently posted that the stock market is a "bad risk" investment. You appear to be the poster child for my thesis. If you throw money at things you know nothing about, you will never know when to expect a profit or when to cut your losses and move on.

        That is, you have no idea of when to evaluate your investment.

        It's as if you bought a share in a race horse (a two-year-old) born on Christmas day (for luck) but soon got cold feet because the colt had not even run a race and it had been three months since you bought in - never mind the horse was only 12 months old when you invested.

        Nobody can help you, nor should they. Obviously, you are too lazy to do enough due diligence to even understand the basics of your investment.

        When you mature to the point you stop blaming others for your laziness, learn to take responsibility for your decisions, and begin to take the effort to understand your investments, then you might consider buying a distressed rental property that you will have to fix with your own labor. Even then, you will not be ready for the stock market, but that would be a start.


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    • envy -

      Climb down off the truck, dude. Jesse's not the only one who thinks this "challenge" is completely idiotic. Why waste the time to research and mock-trade a stock portfolio when you are much better served to put your real capital to work?

      Your approach is (in my judgement) foolish. You have beaten the same drum to the tune of an eighty percent loss (if someone took your advice at the highs) and (at best) near break even at the 52-week range. And please don't tell us yet again how mitigating risk doesn't work within the sector. I took a very nice profit yesterday in a small-cap biotech that more than took care of any loss I might write here even if this stock went to zero. Not that I think it will. And I profited here handily over the summer, since (contrary to your "nobody owns enough" mantra) I took some money off the table at the highs, or near-highs.

      You contend that retail investors simply can't "understand" more than one stock at a time. Well, you must know some really mentally-challenged retailers then. I've managed up to twenty at a time, successfully, and I'm not the sharpest tool in the box. I just apply myself, spend the time I need to and take profits when I can. Not that difficult.

      Again, just knock it off. And Jesse, stop responding to this twidget and maybe he'll figure out that the entertainment value just isn't there.

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      • Miker,

        I thought you would be more civil, but I see, now, I was wrong.

        So, let's look at a few facts:

        I said for Jesse to use his own existing "diversified" portfolio of stocks.

        After an in-depth reading you post the following?

        "Why waste the time to research and mock-trade a stock portfolio when you are much better served to put your real capital to work?"

        Are you completely incapable of understanding it is a real time reflection of one's real capital at work? The $10,000 is simply a common denominator.

        Right now, all of my $10,000 portfolio is at work in NVIV. Right now all of Jesse's $10,000 portfolio is at work in the stocks he has decided to own instead of NVIV. He does own stocks doesn't he? He is "diversified" isn't; he?

        It is really vey simple, especially for someone who likes to call other longs, and long-time posters to this message board a "twidget." Actually, it appears you are the twidget - don't you think?


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      • done Mike - will no longer respond to him.

    • And it is not a very admirable thing to do take someones words out of context without writing the complete statement. You stated I said "and why would you take full positions in new holdings."

      When what I actually said was: "and why would you take full positions in new holdings if you were anticipating a government shutdown due to impending debt ceiling crisis in 3 to 4 weeks?"

    • And your strategy had you hold the only stock you own while it dropped from over $6 to 94 cents only to see it erase all of this years gains as well as any gain the stock has made since the beginning of November 2011. And you want to tell me that your one stock method is fantastic and fools own more than one stock? I will not play a game with someone who doesn't understand the game they are playing. The only balls you have are the one's in your golf bag.

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      • You can whine all you want, Jesse, but everyone here sees you for what you truly are. It is a reasonable challenge that is clearly stated, and you are just too afraid to participate.

        Why do you even post here? You are not going to learn anything and surely you understand your time would be far better spent earning money to invest in something more under your control than the stock market. I think you and I both know you are not going to make much money in the market. Given the time you post here, it appears you are too lazy to earn enough money for any other type of investment?

        As for my investment in NVIV, I am on record investing in the catalysts. They have not yet appeared. The fact that the stock goes up and down is nothing more than illusion to me. I am not on margin, so I can afford any fluctuation in price going into my catalysts. Indeed, if I have capital that comes available to invest it is great that I can buy more shares cheaper. Of course if they were more expensive I would still buy them. This is just another example of your inability to deal with "time" in your investment strategy.

        Jesse, lazy, broke, and cowardly is no way to go through life.

        Gl anyway.

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      • Hahaha

    • You are not worth the time - stick to golf because you don't get it.

    • Jesse is chickenskit. He backed off pretty quick when you challenged him haha

      I said it before I don't like his agenda here, something's been off with him from day 1. He still doesn't answer why he played dumb for those first few days, yet read his posts. haha

    • Well everyone knows your going to lose right from the start. To even invest a penny in nviv is idiotic to begin with. Everyone knows they're going bankrupt soon. Now if you were to invest all your money in onvo at the close today then you would most definitely win that bet!

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