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  • fjmulvz fjmulvz Feb 17, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    The Right Direction

    This stock is a lesson in patience. Some good signs that we are headed in the right direction:

    Short interest continues to decline, the latest is about 3% of float;
    Institutional ownership is increasing, from about 9-10% to 14.9% (NASDAQ);

    Should see any one or all of these this year:
    Finalize FDA details;
    BARDA development contract;
    EUA submission/award;
    Business Development Deal;

    Hopefully we have safety & efficacy results for 612 in 2014....

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    • I noticed the new institutional positions as well. I really believe the Barda funding is pretty much a lay up....hopefully it doesn't end up happening too close to the end of the "1H 2013" company given timeline. Funny, the amount of additional money CBLI will most likely receive from Barda would have been considered a disaster two years ago & probably sent the stock down, it'll more than likely be seen as a big positive (despite being a fraction of the amount bandied about on the rumor mills by dopey rags like seeking alpha back in early 2011) & send the stock up quite a bit from here. For all the difficulties Biolabs has had with the FDA recently, i still can't believe the FDA accepted the primate data from the higher dose trial & didn't force the company to do it over again. To me, that's the biggest victory & Gudkov said he saw no difficulties with the two remaining trials (which would be an interesting tell if the company has already started one of them). Of course, things Gudkov said recently have come under some scrutiny on this here board (EUA)......Hopefully all is not "lost in translation" with regards to his comments on the remaining primate trials & let's not forget that their up to the 4th cohort in the 502 cancer trial with no adverse reactions.....kind of a freebie human safety trial.

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      • The following is an excerpt from a company press release on Dec 4, 2007 which supports Dr. Gudkov's optimism about the remaining primate studies. Obviously the company has made some operational errors along the way including the infamous "days or weeks" comment three years ago but so the science has been good.

        In the Company's recent experiment, five groups of 10 rhesus primates received 5 Gy (approximately 20% lethal dose) of gamma radiation. The control group received a placebo, while the four experimental groups received a single intramuscular injection of Protectan CBLB502 at one of the following times: 1, 16, 24 or 48 hours after irradiation.

        No mortality was observed in CBLB502-treated groups after 30 days, while 20% mortality was observed in the control group.

        The duration and occurrence of severe thrombocytopenia was strongly reduced by CBLB502. The average number of severe thrombocytopenia (

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