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  • theedoinkster theedoinkster Apr 14, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    Its the final countdown. Less than 1 week till BARDA announces?. What is your guess

    My guess is that we hear no response by April 18th, which I interpret as good news. I believe that we get the grant(~50 million) and stuck in the grant proposal is an EUA, which gets authorized soon given recent world events.(remember we have the only TOTAL BODY radiation product out there and nobody is close) We hear from BARDA in late April or early May. If I am wrong then we have a JV that is announced this week for 502 or 137, although good news , I hope not.

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    • OK, I will play.
      First 180 days from Oct 18th is today. However, I think we hear from BARDA on April 18th. I think they give us 15 million and not 50 million, with the rest to come as certain milestones are met along the way. An EUA is not necessary for the govt to purchase product, so I don't think it is included in the grant proposal. I believe JVs will be announced in the next 3 months and I think that partially explains the new hires.
      I think we hit $6 in the next three months and the Indians win the world series. Happy tax day :)

    • I could see CBLI management sticking it to the little remaining shorties and give news first thing tomorrow morning, like 4:21am or something. lol. I believe the scenario, no news is good news as well. I believe we are in the clear for a refusal. IMHO. For those holding basically from the beginning, this may actually be our beginning...

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    • If I am not mistaken Doink, they MUST announce a rejection, they do not have to announce acceptance, or if they are perhaps negotiating final details. Not always true, but in this case no news will be good news.
      My guess they announce after closing bell on Tuesday.
      The fact that BARDA has not rejected yet, plus the two major executive additions, AND, surprisingly enough no leaks spiking or tanking the stock prior to news are all positives in my book.
      If not for the history we've had I'd be betting the ranch on this one.
      Can anyone confirm if I am correct about the requirement to announce a rejection vs. acceptance?

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      • They have said they will announce a rejection as soon as they are notified.
        They have also said they will only announce a signed deal. So, they will not notify us if they are discussing or negotiating any of the finer points or particulars of the grant. So although, they may know the general outline of the grant by the 18th they are not letting anyone know until it is all in writing and is signed. They seemed a little paranoid if you ask me, but again what do I know, I don't walk in their shoes.

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