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  • columbomoco columbomoco Dec 3, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    Question for gates_b0989

    I am a long time GA buyer and occasionally read the message board on Yahoo. I've seen your posts in the past and generally agreed with your forecast of where the stock was going. I never expected it to get there so fast, however.

    Anyway, your recent post on the GA board never specified whether you are still in the stock or whether you sold. I chose to sell the day it went up so much, as buyouts usually don't produce much after they are announced.

    The reason I am writing (besides wanting to know what you recommend on GA now) is because of the stock you recommended in your last post (ADHD).

    I have done all the DD I can and at this point it looks like a dice roll, as there is no way to tell what the real value of the stock is.

    I would consider buying as a speculative buy but I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I am looking at the real time trading information right now on ADHD and there are large gaps of time where it is not updating. There is also a huge spread between the BID and ASK prices. Is this common, or is something unusual going on? The way it updates reminds me more of a penny stock than a legit stock.

    Also, according to your post on the GA board, are you think the catalyst for the stock going higher is the Piper Jeffray meeting that will be at the end of the day tomorrow? Are you thinking they are going to be announcing some kind of very positive results, and that is what will send them on their way to $25? Are you still bullish on the stock, considering the way it has traded the last 2 days?

    One last you have any idea what made the stock tumble from its high in October? I couldn't seem to find any news that would explain such a large decline.

    Thanks a lot for your information on this stock. How did you ever find it?

    Sentiment: Sell

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