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  • bluetxx bluetxx Dec 10, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    GA invested 50million in Alibaba

    It is important for GA stock holders to know we invested over $50 MILLION in ALIBABA . This purshase occured in 2011 and comes out to $13.50 pr share.Now here is the biggie-Alibaba is planning to go public in 2014.It will be a HUGE IPO.They are Chinas largest E-commerce Co.Why do you think Ga ex said nothing about it. The 50 mill will sky rocket and so will GA stock.A small mention of this is in annual report for 2011 dated 9-26-12 page 12. Their offer of $11.75 is WAY too low.

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    • Apparently it was all fraud. GA invested in Alibaba through the chairman & "independent" directors own private equity firm. The investment has continued to take losses, which Giant noted was due to "structuring fees" aka paying millions in fees to the chairmans PE firm aka likely going into his own pocket. There is an entire short thesis out by an investor

    • Thanks for digging that up and sharing it with the board. Unfortunately, it is just going to make it hurt more when they steel this company for $11.75 a share. There is no way to stop them. They are both the seller and the buyer, and the "committee" as well. Anyone who has a large enough position (and deep pockets) to make a stink will be taken care of, including the law firms. I have seen it before.- Shanda is an example that people on this board might know. I own shares and will probably wait the 3 to six months to get the full 11.75... and if it drops much lower, I might pick up some more shares and earn the 10% for holding till the deal closes. The above is just my opinion, but I am very confident that opinion.

    • Many thanks for your info... won't sell my position for $15 !!!

    • This is probably a dumb question because I am fairly new to investing. What will be the benefits of their investment in Alibaba once the IPO happens? Would we only expect the stock price to increase or would there be other benefits as well.

    • is an absolute monster. IPO (wherever it may be) will be huge, reading over their numbers they are the kings of chinese online. Yahoo stock outlook jumped from $38 to $44 by RBC just based on their Alibaba holdings. Thank you for the info, Gltu

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    • Excellent observation blue, Bloomberg Oct. 11, 2013- Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce company, WILL go public in 2014 after talks w/ Hong Kong exchanges fell apart. Goes on to suggest they were waiting to see how the Twitter IPO would be received. It's gonna happen!

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