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  • Trapper_Jon Trapper_Jon Jul 24, 2002 3:34 PM Flag


    All the Semi-s I track are up today -- except this one.

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    • What about the HMDS system. That was the best piece of equipment PRI ever shipped.

    • Thanks Big Guy!

    • Trapper should know what he is talking about. There are many companies out there who feel more secure moving wafers by hand instead of using autoamtion he has worked on.

      But he is in correct about some companies to which automation was a waste because they only run a couple of wafers through a run. I worked at a semi company who built the custom furnaces for these companies.

    • Hmm... Virtually every 200MM KLA tool shipped in the last 7 years has a PRI robot in it. That ought to be worth several thousand right there.

    • The Mouth speaks this: I've been at PRI for over 7years and I can personally attest that all Intel fabs built after 1989 has PRI products that control all storage, handling, and transportation of wafers. Yes, I know about fab24 Colorado, and I know that Intel was just at PRI discussing ordering more stockers because all the competition can�t hold a candle to our trans-net equipment. This I also know, TSMC, the largest foundry in the world, who wasn�t happy with our delays I admit, still prefers our automated handling to anybody else. Every major player in the chip biz has used PRI primarily. Companies such as AMD, IBM, Motorola, LSI, Chartered, the list goes on and you go to any I�ve mentioned and then some if you don�t believe. 50,000 machines? Probably not, but that�s closer to truth than you think when you think that PRI has been around for 20years give or take. When the up turn does come, Brooks better know how to build�em and make�em go, or they�re in for problems just like PRI.

    • Believe it or not, there are actually facilities out there producing small quantities of EXTREMELY custom devices where the wafers are actually moved by hand. Not very cost effective to automate a fab where one or two wafers are an entire production run.

      You refuse to recognize that there are still small companies in this world.

      I have been involved with virtually EVERY robotic product PRI ever built kooky.

    • More like 500...what are you smoking??? or have you dropped some acid?? I hear LSD is making a comeback, particularly for poor souls like yourself...I'm going to contact the yahoo police and report you...the eye

    • Nicely said.

      Trapper and the Eye refuse to acknowledge that there are technologists outside of AMHS in the world. What's more surprising is that PRI itself employed many of these non-AMHS technologists. Maybe they are unaware of the other 49 States, too. Bitterness is a blinding emotion.

      Yup. Combined, there are 50,000 wafer handling robots in the world produced by either Brooks or PRI (think Equipe). It's hard to imagine a wafer getting through a fab without being moved by one.

    • What the hell do you mean by lie. You claim to know it all, tell me how many products does Brooks-PRI have combined (and don't forget the software products).

      Now for the presonal attack. I would suggest getting some proof before calling someone a liar. Yahoo police ... OOOOOHHHH ... I'm shaking in my boots ...

      If you want to sell then sell. If you want to short then short. Don't come out calling other people liars when you don't have a clue yourself.

    • Out and out lie!!!You can delude yourself pal
      but you ain't fooling the people who know better. The yahoo police will catch up with you...

      the eye

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