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  • one_neutral_investor one_neutral_investor Feb 7, 2006 4:37 PM Flag

    Lot of us Longs

    mostly just sit around and wait.

    The market had anticipated a decent report, been pricing it in for weeks, so today was just fine imo. Dow and Nasdaq both down, BRKS up slightly for the close. Most of the volume today was up I think.

    It could get a little boring now, waiting for the next report in 90 days. The run from $7 to $28 in 2003 had plenty of $1-$2 volatility in it.

    Best news today might be that AAPL just shifted the price point and expanded the market for iPods. Others will follow, meaning more demand for semicons, more demand for BRKS products.


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    • Welcome to the world of public micro-caps where the rules are, well, different and the companies are run at the whim of the CEO and his carefully selected board while Nasdaq turns a blind eye (provided they don't screw up royally and keep paying their fees).

      Tech firms are moving away from stock options (where you have to exercise) and are moving toward awarded stock shares. This is a result of SOX and the fact that you now have to expense your options. The 'solution' is simply to issue more shares (and dilute shareholder value) so that they can be issued to key employees. The average worker at Brooks does not get issued 1 cent stock. Their options continue to go underwater and they are offered crappy trade-in deals from time to time. The juicy deals are reserved for the lords in the green robes - directors, vp's, etc.

    • ...but nothing will be done.
      They will squander the good will built of the dedication of those who created the products and reputation that originally attracted brooks, the aquirer.
      "since the dawn of time" as they say.
      "MOVE ON!" I say.
      "there's nothing to see here" as a cop would say.
      Shareholder Value is coded language for "our back pockets". Dirty dog/pig -- who cares?
      Oh yeah! they purchased IAS 'cause they wanted to diversify...then sold SELS 'cause they wanted to stick to the core business.
      Makes a TON of sense doesn't it? over the long haul, right?
      God forbid ya sense what's going on, decide this its a crock, and respond by cashin' out.
      OOPS. I may have just violated a patent.

      BTW is it really true the insider pays 1 cent or is that a book-keeping thing for issuing more share? -- I truly don't know...just askin'

    • Last time Needham's master foretellers upgraded Brooks the stock lost 50% of its value before they downgraded it. Do like the insiders do SELL. THe Management of this company never buy, they just grant each other shares and SELL, SELL, SELL, laughing at all of you poor fools that think your actually investing. They don't hold, why should you. In fact ask them to stop selling their free shares for three years and see what they do. If they promise to stop selling, then I will shut up.

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      • We are now down 24% since Needham's upgrade. This merger of parts makers is looking more and more like Delphi and Tyco. It is very hard to improve profits by selling a bag of parts that other companies also sell. The parts suppliers are cutting each others throats for the business.

        The equipment makers (the parts buyers) are dual and triple sourcing, so what is the upside to bringing together a couple of parts suppliers? (they can't raise prices).

        I smell blood. I don't think BRKS will be able to cut costs fast enough especially with raw material, service, warranty, merger and severence costs all due. If BRKS management stops selling every share they vest, then they may have a plan. If they keep dumping, I smell fear.

        I'll stand by $9.70 by this fall. Needham should be held to answer for their upgrade. Did they profit from this? - JMHO

      • Bought this stock at about 24 in 99 or so. Rode it to the high 50's and sold. from 50 it went to about 80. Go go 90's I know but that was a great semi cycle alot of products cell phones , computers etc. If this cycle lasts 3 or 4 more quarters we could go alot higher.

      • I hope nobody actually reads and believes your "headlines". (and take my word for it, I'm a skeptic on analysts. The recent Matrix mega sell was a great buy op).

        Somebody check me on this, but Needham went to BUY on 9-24-01, with BRKS at $30. Just 6 months later BRKS was at $50, on 3-20-02.

        Does that mean Needham will always get it right? Hell no, nobody does in this business. But their 9-24-01 call was a prizewinner and a few others looked good too.

      • This is not a buy and hold stock. Look at their yearly earnings. Now look back 1, 2, 5, even 10 years. This company does NOT make money LT. They do not pay a dividend. They do not retain value for the shareholder. Look at the shareholder equity.

        Brooks gets their cash from the 2ndary offerings and the convertibles. Then management issues options (and these days shares) so they can get paid. This is the classic high-tech, fast growth biz model. The revenue growth lately has been through acquisition. I found the Helix 'merger' (which they paid for in stock) to be absolutely brilliant. Preserve the cash. Genious - no seriously, I mean it.

        If you are an investor in Brooks, you can play either the up-cycle or the down-cycle. Just get your timing right. Invest LT in Brooks at your peril. Pull up a chart, any chart.

        I won't comment on Needham. They have semicon analysts as well as tech i-bankers. Let me show u my chinese wall.

      • Why don't you put yourself in management position? Would you sell something you get for "free" and enjoy nice life today or would you rather keep all those options for the future, knowing semis are cyclical and not buy and hold type of securities. If you think you would not sell, you are deceiving yourself... They are doing exactly what all of us would do. jmho

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