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  • ranjopolis ranjopolis Oct 26, 2007 10:39 PM Flag


    Any thoughts on upcoming earnings? The fudamentals of the company are very strong and the pps has been beaten to a pulp. I bought just before last earnings and got hammered. I've held almost too long to sell-down 25%. I use Investools and the chart is really starting to look good. The PEG is very low and the sector is still attracting institutional money (ranked 97 out of 100). All down days are low volume-this looks like a bargain to me. Anybody feel the same-it's a pretty quite board.

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    • Semizoom has hit it right on the head regarding Lepofsky coming back to try and stop the bleeding. Customer service and on time delivery were once the cornerstones at Helix/CTI. Both have become major issues, especially turnaround times for service units. Brooks has driven off many of the Helix people, especially in Engineering and Manufacturing. Many that remain were essentially neutered in the anonymity of the Brooks "culture". Bringing back someone who understands how Helix's reputation was built can only be a positive, in my opinion.
      I share your cautious optimism, hopefully they can still salvage some of the value that Brooks has destroyed. That said, I am a bit concerned with the buyback news, as outlined by Moochie. Is it just an effort to prop up the stock til the cycle turns again? Anyway, good luck to all...

    • Who is the competitor to CTI-Crogenics? Have they made any in-roads into taking business from Brooks?

      Did Brooks really get rid of most of the Helix employees?

      PRI Automation was by far the biggest mistake Brooks made.

      Out of all the cash/stock paid for all of their acquisitions, Brooks still has an enterprise value of only $550 million. Their history is not good. Yet, I do sense things are changing for the better. Not sure though.

    • Yeah, WCOM's chart made the stock look attractive right before it disappeared off the map, everyone likes it until noone likes it and there is high institutional ownership until the industry goes down the toilet and arent those 'institutions' the same ones that lost $500 BILLION on CDO's. I would suggest that you start using some common sense rather than a bunch of meaningless guidelines. Moochie

    • Stock repurchase will not help support the price of BRKS. Soon traders and investors will focus back to the fundamentals and earnings report. The bottom line is BRKS missed the earnings and the outlook badly. It will miss the next quarter sales and earnings, too! We will see the new 52 week low in the 10's short-term.

    • Actually agree with your thoughts, but if BRKS fits the pattern of the sector, it will get hit hard Friday on earnings. Sector fundamentals are getting ugly, and so are the investor reactions. I'm planning on buying under $10.

    • Down to 10 before coming back.

    • I can't figure out why BRKS has been beaten down so much. I agree with you on the fundementals, however I disagree on the volume on down days. The volume has been high on the down days and very low on the up days. That is what concerns me most right now, and the fact that we are at 52 week lows. I am holding through earnings. Now might be a good time to get in, but I sure hope we don't fall too far below 12.50.

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      • Simple, it's looking to just break even for the next 1 - 3 because of the cyclical downturn in semiconductors, especially memory. Still a very solid company and a bargin at these prices, but most of the market has both a short memory and a short horizon.

      • Thanks for the response. My take is that volume is fairly low based on average. We had two days in September over 1,000,000 shares-both were up days. Not much, but up. I just don't see any really alarming down days (volume wise)which gives me hope for earnings. On the darker flip side, volume was way up (pps up also)just prior to last earnings and the pps inploded the day of. I still think fundamentals are key-any good news will drive the stock north in a hurry. I'm think we're seeing some quite accumulation. I own some $15 January calls and I'm also long-I probably should close one position-probably my long shares but I'm down 26% and it's hard to sell so low. Good luck.

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