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  • zeke1992 zeke1992 Nov 3, 1999 8:18 AM Flag

    ya gotta love it!

    i figured somebody should post something after
    a day like yesterday.

    what will today bring ??

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    • BRKS got an upgrade this a.m. along with PRIA. don't know details but caught the tail end of it on CNBC.


    • I know what you mean about the hyping. We must be
      the shyest message board around. Thanks for the
      recap. Brooks will earn its share price on follow
      through, if not projections, but I think we will slowly
      and steadily rise from here.

    • I only caught part of the cc since there was
      "network congestion." The part I listened to had some very
      strong statements about patent protection that would
      protect the market share that Brooks has secured in their
      niche area. There were also statements about their
      share in various markets with numbers like 30 to 70% of
      various markets, if I heard correctly. I will try to get
      it again for my own understanding but I highly
      recommend that you listen in. I think we may have a delayed
      reaction from some institutions, but on the other hand
      this is a small company and who knows when the big
      money infusions will come.

      One thing is for
      sure, we've got to stop hyping this stock so much. I
      think we've gone from 18 to 28 with about 20 posts.
      ?The sound of one hand clapping, or the celebratory
      style of the English?

    • I'll try to catch the replay. It sounds just as
      I'd hoped. I wouldn't worry too much about today's
      action. I think the CC will be felt for a few days to
      come. I look at PRI at 50 and shake my head when
      comparing it to Brooks. I think we'll hit 50 in the next
      6-8 mos. Again, thanks!

    • I attended the call - it was positive. 3 Analysts
      asked questions (CSFB, Cowen, Needham) all were
      answered properly.
      EPS FY 2000: 65 to 70 cts - Rev 230
      to 240 Mio
      EPS FY 2001: 1,60 to 1,80 - Rev plus

      Special Interst in Vac.Robots which are are expected to
      be industrie standard, direct drive has unmatched
      advantages BRKS is way ahead of the competition.
      bookings for Q1, Quarter is on plan.
      I got the
      impression that if the company delivers it is clearly the
      cheapest automation company out there - look at Price
      /Rev; PE/Growth etc. vs PRIA - BRKS can easily double
      in a year. Hope it helps - Tom

    • went very well and I'm amazed the stock reacted
      as little as it did. There's a replay at
      1-719-457-0820, code 829536. You may also be able to get it via
      Realplayer if you go to Yahoo news, and click on the Brooks
      CC announcement.

    • addresses the strong outlook for 2000 & 2001, we
      steadily climb from here. My only question is the
      reputation of Brook's management. I am not familiar enough
      with them to say for sure, but I've got the impression
      of them as being solid and respected by analysts.
      Any comments?

    • Just checked on Yahoo and earnings are out
      (business wire). reported $.03. They projected major
      revenue increases next fiscal year (double) and even more
      the year after, per release. Stated this assumed the
      continuance of the semi-cond cycle. In view of the amat and
      klic earning releases and their ccs, it looks as
      though the projections for an accellerated and
      continuing strong semi-cond cycle proving out. What do
      you-all think? Ed

    • I'd greatly appreciate it if anybody who has access to the call (I don't) will post a summary here. Thanks!

    • According to, it is after the close.

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