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  • newsemi2000 newsemi2000 Mar 10, 2000 8:54 AM Flag

    What Happened

    ASYT announced Yesterday that it had received a
    multi-million dollar order from First Silcon in Malaysia. It
    seems ASYT will maintain 100% market share in Malyasia
    as they did in Taiwan for SMIF and auto-id business.
    Go back in time and read a press release from BRKS,
    they talk about wining a SMIF fab in Malaysia with
    INFAB products. Is there a third fab being built out
    there or did they ultimately lose that

    This is by no means to pick on BRKS or INFAB, I am
    just concern about the acquistion cost and the true
    value INFAB has provided so far to BRKS penetrating
    200mm fabs. The INFAB operation has been a drain of
    money and resources to the the Jenoptik Group, that is
    the reason they sold the company in the first place.
    I hope it does not do the same for BRKS or our
    profitability and stock price will suffer, This is the first
    time since the acquisition BRKS will report
    consolidated financial and include the INFAB operation.

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    • Now, how about that interbay/intrabay automation
      (I am looking at someone's block-diagram, trying to
      fill in the boxes)? Buy Daifuku's semi

      It is definitely nice that so many BRKS bots,
      platforms and controllers go into a new fab. BRKS can
      double (or beter, I'm told) the per-fab take if they had
      FA hardware to sell, too.

    • Brooks acquired FACTORYworks with the FASTech acquisition. FACTORYworks was introduced in mid 1995 and has over 125 lines in production worldwide.

    • does not answer my question. Which BRKS software product serves as the MES in a 'total factory software solution'?

      (and apologies for hogging the board)

    • Consilium is basically DEAD. Since AMAT bought it
      the found out what little they had... if it wasn't
      for copy exactly they would have no business at
      all... Fab 300 (the next version) is way behind schedule
      and looks less like an MES than a process integration

      Poseidon is a custom application from IBM... now it has
      been updated and is starting to be aggressively
      marketed by IBM professional services as SiView.

      The problem is only IBM can deploy it and they are
      very limited with by the number of qualified domain
      knowledgeable people they can supply, unlike BRKS which
      leverages third party integrators like Compaq, TRW,

      Hope this helps



    • That's the first plausible scenario I've heard.
      But still leaves me wondering about the MES. Does BRKS have a component to compete with Poseidon or Consilium?

    • "The profit margins on incremental sales of
      software are quite different than hardware. So in upturns
      in the industry, this will carry more directly to
      bottom line for (successful) software

      That was certainly evident last Q, when a 20% revenue
      surprise caused a 300% earnings surprise.

    • I am imagining that the acquistition
      may have originated in significant part from the
      FASTech group, and not so much from

      FASTech has claimed to be a software product
      and has some longer history of cooperation with
      Hanyon, Infab, and Autosim who act (to some degree) as
      value added integrators of software and

      I would bet that FASTech would have been interested
      in these acquistions long before being bought by
      Brooks, and Brooks supplied the financial leverage to
      make it happen.

      The success of this remains to
      be seen, but one thing to consider. The profit
      margins on incremental sales of software are quite
      different than hardware. So in upturns in
      the industry,
      this will carry more directly to bottom line for
      (successful) software vendors.

      I would be interested in
      knowing the current split in hardware and software of
      Brooks, and
      how much of hardware is sold directly to
      equipment vendors as opposed to end users (the fabs).

    • Fastech, Hanyon, InFab and AutoSim were all
      acquired recently (last 12 mos.?) Which comprise the MES?
      Cell control? APS? I know just enough to be
      dangerous... A little clarity, and I've got more to

      PS: Still wondering how BRKS is going to get the
      high-dollar hardware sale.

    • The 'assimilate and deploy' of the recent
      acquisitions have been going on for a number of years through
      partnership and ongoing improvement of synergies between the
      softwares. The only difference now is that it's all one
      company and that 'assimilate and deploy' will improve
      even faster. A one stop shop for MES solution.

    • A 300mm fab is expected to spend 60-80 million on
      automation software and hardware. That's a nice bit of
      revenue for any comany that can pull it all

      So what I am really asking is how BRKS will
      assimilate and deploy the recent properties it acquired.
      Each one makes some sense on its own (Smart was pure
      defense. No ROI there), but there is significant overlap
      among Fastech, InFab's software and Hanyon. (and

      Further, the 'Complete Automation Solution' seems to be
      missing some teeth if you're including the automation
      hardware. No stockers, intrabay or interbay, for example,
      which are the high-dollar pieces.

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