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  • buddybear2222 buddybear2222 Dec 24, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    Its Christmas Eve, can you clowns give it a break

    I sit here & read all these people bashing a company that provides jobs for a lot of people. These people that appreciate micron is here. Yes they are fighting through some issues, but they are making headway. When Elpidia is finalized soon, that will be a big boost for them. I will not bore you with the specific's since the education of this board (the basher's) is about 3rd grade level.For those of you who have spent so much time here on Christmas Eve (you know who you are), get a life & quit being such a bitter unhappy person.
    Oh, by the way, a true investor looks 6 months out to invest. There last qtr was already known 3 months ago that is why the stock never moved much.
    Any way's Merry Christmas to everyone. Go home & enjoy your family's & what you have. Micron is going to rock everyone's world next year, making $$$$$$.

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    • You may have gotten your shares for free, but just by saying this, you definately never purchased a share of this with any of your money! If you did, you would not speak so lightly about losing so much !
      Hell, if my losses were not such a substancial amount, I would not care either. But when you are down hundreds of thousands of dollars, you tend to take these losses very seriously !

    • gregory.lynn Dec 24, 2012 5:18 PM Flag

      I agree with you, but now that earnings numbers are out it looks like 3 months from now will be nowhere near as good as it looked 3 months ago, and may look even worse when it arrives.

      Fiscal 2013 may be another year of losses, and based on how badly they missed this quarter, we should be seeing some more downward revisions soon, but Elpida will change things for the better guaranteed. Good luck and be ready to load up in the 5's.

    • I could not help myself and had to reread this.
      "a true investor looks 6 months out to invest" hmmmm I guess my time frame has been a little longer than that how about 20 years?
      "There last qtr was already know 3 months ago"
      better tell that to many of the P U M P E R S who reside here.
      BTW their next 3 YEARS is already know now - a reapeat of the last 20 years.
      Ocassional profits maybe once in 6/7 qtrs
      more dilution with stock offerings

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    • buddybutt
      I am a muuuuuupooooopile B A S H E R - you did figure this out?
      AND hate to disappoint you one of the Happiest persons around!
      Who could be bitter about shorting the krap out of this stock?
      NOT ME!
      Who could be bitter about seeing this POS go from the $80's to
      under $6 - NOT ME
      I would be more concerned about the pooor sucker longos who got their nuts step on - ouch that must hurt.
      Elpeeepee will not help muuuuupoooopile - AT ALL.
      Good luck you need more than I do.
      My xmas stocking is filled with mupoooopile short dollars.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • he he he heeee
      yo a true believer investor?
      6 months out eh?
      "provides jobs for a lot of people" - damn, right out of ol Simpelplots mouth.
      you trying to replace applejack?
      BTW Pooooni has the tradition of posting the last message of the year.
      Look for the Pooni award for fingerfkinidiot.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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