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  • steveo522003 steveo522003 Jan 23, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    Known secret!

    Watch wait and see tomorrow we will be up and not marginally a huge increase. Thats what im told and i believe the source, I dont post much but as for tomorrow big increase in price by the end of the day. A down start and a huge end i will even put myself out there and say we will be over eight bucks by close. I dont blame you if you dont believe but its going happen.

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    • You are full of Manure!

    • Don;t you feel like a complete SUCKER for reading & listening to this post !

    • From your lips to the market gods ears. Let's see how they play the dice.

    • Why would it move up so much? Whats the secret?

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    • There must not be many people that know about your secret, as options do not reflect anything, and price movement definately does not show it. About only thing I can think of is the close of Elpidia deal. Not much else out there. Unless there is some other major news item. Buyout, no way, Merger with another entity, No Way! Who would want it. That leaves very few options for your secret news. Thinking you are full of BS. Thinking you will be selling into any strength. From my past experience with muCRAPPER, a small loss today, turns into a bigger loss tomorrow! Longer you own muCRAP stock, the more money you lose!

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      • Here's the thing. When you're playing poker do you fall in love with the cards? Do you get emotional when you pull a good hand, or a bad one? I don't. The cards care less. I just keep playing (cards)...and when I hit a bad streak I pull out and wait. It's the same with this game. I don't understand all the angst and emotion over MU, or any publicly traded equity. It's a freakin' equity. A piece of paper tied to a company's performance. That's it. That's all it is. It's valuation is strictly defined by what other players are willing to buy/sell it at. Never, EVER, vest any emotion into any position when playing this game. It ain't gonna kiss you at the end of the day. Save the emotion for your real life, your wife/lover/kids/dogs/whatever. Never with any aspect of this game.

        Just some thoughts.

        MU bid .85 and acting as it always done when under sell side pressure. Bid/ask action is matching up more consistently so this might be the area where it tries to turn. With the volume action it's hard to say how this one will close. Could close flat. Could close around $8. But so long as that sell side action remains in effect I'd say the odds are it'll close close to $7.80 than any place else.

    • What makes you so sure about that have you found a crystal ball you are now looking into

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