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  • zyg49 zyg49 Sep 15, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    ***Russ at Seeking Alpha talking about $40 MU price.

    Think I need to double my position.

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    • $40 a share? Hell I'll take $20. I read his Sunday write-up. I saw nothing articulated to justify the $40, more a fan-boy type commentary on trading, MM's and all the machinations that occur when playing this game. Not that I don't think MU has more positives ahead than not, I do. 'Tis only to say that me thinks Fischer is engaging in one or more of the very things he comments on having read in that Scientific American article he noted, "The Science of Persuasion." ;-)

      For me it comes to this. The next earnings release should illuminate more completely the case for more upside in the "new/improved" MU with the inclusion of Elpida. Until then....well.....speculation by both the buy/sell camps can be expected to be....intense?

      Let's see how today goes. Current last sale in PM....$16.40.

      American Net'Zen

    • Good article. I saw those prices on DRAM exchange earlier today and posted here. This is nothing less than REMARKABLE.

      Fischer is one of the more lucid writers on Micron. For those who haven't seen it..

      The important point is the lasting impact on profit margins (just from the fire) that will be felt for at least the next two quarters. By December, the impact of the merger will be evident and will provide an additional boost. For him to put out a $40 price is very encouraging. Most of the analysts will await the guidance which is what they should do. However, Fischer has been part of the industry and is way ahead of them with his accuracy. The recommendations and new target prices from the analysts will be flowing by end of the month through early October.

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      • astro- the interesting thing will be the pro forma that is coming out in early October. How much will it reveal about the coming year? Will we be able to plug in increased pricing and come up with an estimate for the first quarter [with Elpida in full swing]? Will we have to wait until December for real numbers because we will not have all the info we need from the pro forma? We need some solid numbers to get this stock going. The current price IMO is a joke but the analysts are so far behind the curve and that is holding down the stock price [because how can they be so wrong it is thought- of course they have been so late to the party it is almost criminal].

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    • Russ had 35 years career in the semiconductor industry. You didnt shortie so #$%$.

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