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  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Sep 25, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

    PAID PUMPER ALERT: and the Sheeple will follow what they say

    Wonder why you have the vicious, nasty, relentless defense of MU going to figures up to $50 on this board? I did some investigation of the posts of many of these so-called "MU Longs", and it's clear to me they are PLANTS on this board. They appear in such quantity and post over and over again, and support each other, that, as the saying goes, it all doesn't smell right. Watch all the attacks this post will get.

    Use your brain and research their thousands of continuous posts and come to your own conclusion. The rest of the pumpers are simply sheeple who don't have the ability apparently to come to sensible conclusions. If you have the ability to read charts, and look at the action on this stock, this alone should tip you off. The huge increase in short interest should tip you off further. Forces are driving this up and down to dump it and take their profits when they can no longer push it up any further and the tide turns against them and reason prevails.

    Elpida this, Hynix that. NONE account for the wild upswings in this stock. They can defend it all they want, but it doesn't follow, and it frankly reeks to high heaven.

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    • I do not post much here but It's obvious to me that you have an agenda to keep the price down. You are running against the tide. I am a long term investor and I cannot find any stock that I would rather invest in right now. Pay attention to what the objective analysts are saying and if you do not believe them, do some due diligence. Follow Dram exchange or Digi times so you have the pulse of what is going on. Your posts are increasingly MEANINGLESS DRIVEL. Certainly there is a stock out there somewhere that you could pick on that wouldn't make you a complete #$%$

    • Crafty Art: I am going by professional projected eps.....even Yahoo has analyst estimates page..check it out....I don't go by this board one way or other...cept some references to articles by may be right Crafty Art, But I don't think so.

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