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  • bigchad789 bigchad789 Nov 14, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    RBC conference yesterday...

    The CFO was talking to the analysts. As always, he was stumbling and fumbling over his words and did a very poor job getting across the message. Kip had to interject a couple of times to clear things up. However, the CFO was somewhat apologetic for not giving clearer explanation of earnings and how Elpida factored in with their one month worth of earnings on the last earnings conference call. He partially blamed it on the analysts "not asking the right questions". That seems odd as why should he have to rely on analysts to ask questions in order to get to what he should be providing in the first place. Anyhow, it is what it is. I wonder if Seth Klarman, over 5% owner of Micron, called the company after the earnings call debacle and let HIS employees know what a poor job they were doing........hope so! One other savory tidbit that I found very interesting is that Micron reiterated what I heard them say at the Citi analyst conference two months ago....there is going to be a 30-35% demand increase for DRAM in 2014 with only a 20-25% supply increase. Can you say PERPETUAL SHORTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you that think DRAM prices are going to collapse as soon as Hynix gets their China factory back online, think again. Speaking of that factory, didn't they say it would be up and running in November, after they said October, after they said end of September, after they said 1-2 weeks, after they said the fire would have no impact on operations.............well it's November and nothing yet. I think I will believe the analysts and go with sometime in the 1st half of next year as to when the Hynix China fab is back up. And I think I will stick to investing with Seth Klarman, a multibillionaire that makes 20-30% returns a year and Micron's new 5% owner. See you all at $30 soon!!!!

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    • bigchad- what are you doing by reporting some facts and good analysis on the RBC Conference. This message board is for the simple,frivoulous, and unsophisticated investors. Please refrain from good posts in the future.

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    • Big Chad: Wow, what a good critique of that cfo cat! However, in my opinion even if Mr. Klarman is really a 5% owner, I do not get the impression he is looking to make a tender offer, I opine that he is in it for the fast buck and will probably be mostly out of it soon, except that he may re-enter around the last 4 trading days of December 2013, in anticipation of a huge rally in early January 2014.

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      • I don't think so. He will be in for FIFO 100% and for long term capital gains and less tax. Exiting end of next year.

      • Meta, he has over 62,000,000 shares. Stock price at $19. So he has about a billion dollars in stock for a $20 Billion market cap company. He is a 5% owner. If he thinks Microns board or management or whatever is inept and doing a bad job, he can easily get together with another big owner of shares and throw is weight around. Guys like Carl Ichan get management changes, dividends, board seats, buybacks, etc done with smaller stakes than that. I'm not saying he will but when guys that own as much of the company as he does talk Micron better listen. Just some more spice in the soup to make it taste better in my opinion.

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