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  • don482 don482 May 9, 1998 10:03 AM Flag

    S&P 500 verse LPAC

    Based on how you expressed yourself I would say
    that you will act no different then others of your
    kind. If LPAC should crash we will hear from you again
    and if it doesn't you'll just crawl away and go on to
    the next stock. I have seen your kind on many boards
    and the name is different (though not necessarily the
    character) but the actions are the same. Check out some
    posts within the last few months on THNK and ICMT on
    Silicon Investor. I wish I knew what happened to some of
    the negative jerks. They probably lost a lot of

    I have no argument in somebody expressing
    their opinion and they may even be right in their
    judgement. It's just their methods are very demeaning to the
    other posters. LPAC is not the issue.