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  • subsold subsold Apr 26, 2013 11:15 AM Flag


    why do you hate this stock? Aren't they just trying to promote the timely addressing of a manmade disaster?
    wazup with you?

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    • Both you and I know there's nothing to this hyped up trash heap.

      The only thing they have is a #$%$ video and an untenable theoretical postulate. This, put forth by a Canadian mineral rights company with zero experience, zero money, and zero credibility in launching high-tech oil containment systems from military aircraft.

      The tens of millions of dollars to design, test, and implement a system of this nature are just a bit beyond the scope of what a couple Canadian gold diggers can manage.

      I don't know if the officers of the company are involved, but Canadian companies touting their mineral or oil rights have very little to to recommend their virtue, but they certainly have a mounting pile of evidence to the contrary. Add to that the spam email promotion and you've got more red flags than you'll ever need.

      This is a stock swindle. The scammers know the SEC is a toothless lion controlled by the very people they are intended to regulate. The best the SEC can do is put Martha Stewart in jail. The market doesn't want a strong regulatory body. It would destroy the market itself if illegal activity were curtailed

      I'm only here because I was spammed numerous times by the indiscriminate #$%$ hired to promote this dog turd. So, I spend five minutes every day knocking down their monumental, transparent idiocy.

      I sincerely hope the fraudsters rot under a concrete slab poured by close associates who lost their #$%$ on this gig.

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      • =I'm only here because I was spammed numerous times by the indiscriminate #$%$ hired to promote this dog turd.

        Me too. I have forwarded multiple emails to and The next step is I am beginning to pressure my Congressmen to investigate the SEC and why they fail to abide by their own rules and suspend/revoke these fraudulent companies that exist to do nothing more than push worthless stock.

        I gave the fool the DD on them and showed they have ZERO cash and ZERO assets. All they are doing is paying promoters with stock to pump them so they can raise their market cap enough to do a small private placement.

    • = Aren't they just trying to promote the timely addressing of a manmade disaster?

      No. They are a scam... a fraud. They are sending out probably BILLIONS of spam emails saying everything from they are in talks of a buyout to many other outrageous lies. This isn't a company. It is a fraudulent scheme and their only product is selling worthless shares to absolute idiots that don't have a clue what Due Diligence means. How much cash do they have? How much in revenue? Do they make money or lose money? What assets do they have? How much in liabilities? If you can't answer these basic questions and bought this because of a spam email full of lies, then you are a clueless idiot.

      It is brain-dead fools like you that keep the rest of us from being able to self-invest our social security funds. Someone as stupid as you would lose it all and we would have to support you anyway.

      Scams like this should be prosecuted under RICO laws as a corrupt organization. They are not a company... they are a stock selling fraudulent enterprise. Is that clear enough for you?

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      • you apparently are a bit fraudulent yourself...or dishonest...calling people you do not know the names you call them is very unusual and leads me to believe you are low class and do not know what you are talking about. You should do some DD instead of talking down something you know nothing of so that you can short a situation....shame on you !!

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