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  • hedgecutter10 hedgecutter10 Oct 12, 2004 3:28 PM Flag


    What's that all about??? Anyone? When motley fool decides to bash a stock they do it.

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    • Just put jojoba on ignore. I did it a while ago, now i don't even know that scum sucker even exists. Try it you'll like it.

    • You jojoba are arrogant nazi SOB.

    • misspelling, laugh
      Bushs' policies reek to high heaven. Have you read his budget proposals. How much he is taking away from schools, police and fire or programs that benefit the poor. One of the measures of a society is how they treat the least among them. As a nation we are heading in a bad direction.

      I am old enough to be able to avoid the bad fall out from Bush economics but I'll bet there are many here who aren't.

    • "" I flat out reeks.""

      Why do you reeks so much?

    • Have you seen Bush's economic plan. I flat out reeks.

    • You are a loser though.

    • The last 60 years things were pretty damn good thanks to a better standard of living for the average american.This because of some liberal thinking.
      The problem with some of you cons is that you don`t want anyone else to have anything but you.
      It`s some liberal thinking that made America great not you nazi bastards.I thnk it`s time for you left the country you arrogant SOB.

    • Let me just hit 'ignore' here to your BS're just another example of an uneducated, brainwashed leftist! (or should I say socialist?)

      Why don't you make this country a better place and leave...if you don't like Bush or his politics, then you shouldn't benefit from virtually all Americans have/will...

      The (ultra) liberals are the down-fall of this country...political correctness enough to suck the life out of the country...promoting socialism is not the way to go in our great country...try France for all your BS rhetoric!

      The middle class is and should be happy with Bush...he is a good leader and has vision...the democratic party has complainers (Pelosi great example)...while they stand on their soap boxes and complain about our president, he's trying to get things done!

      The ultra-liberal belief system is dangerous to our future...among other ridiculous positions, no social security reform, come on! NO GOOD REASON WHY! NONE! Oh yeah, let's not give people choices...whatever! Sure, congressmen get to choose where they want their dollars to go, why can't we? Oh yeah, I forgot, we're too stupid and we should let the 2% the gov't gives us for social security continue...(typical leftist position)...what a joke!

      Bottom line...try being part of the solution instead of the problem. Try understanding what the *real* world is all about. The leftist propaganda machine is dangerous to our country and many of your thoughts are poison!


    • Scare Tactics?
      Not me,that`s how Bushy boy operates.
      Remember how he scared americans into Iraq over non exsitent weapons of mass destruction.
      How he`s ran the country in debt it`s never seen before because of it.

      Bush is a con man trying to make the middle class extinct with his chants of fear.

      You better thank god for liberals pal.
      With the neo-cons in power this country will be driven down a deep,black hole.

    • Bush is the enemy of average american.

      You can say all you want about how his agenda is so good for America.When the dust settles
      the average american`s quality of life will be much less than it is today.

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