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  • lkjploice lkjploice Jul 30, 2007 9:23 PM Flag


    As a lifelong Toyota driver I will stop buying Toyota products if a Union is implemented. They will destroy a great company

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    • Roger, after reading your posts, I find that your hatred of America and the UAW is directly related to your jealousy of a man who makes more money than you, obviously, do. JEALOUSY is not a positive character trait. It's a very negative one. Get over it. BUY AMERICAN.

    • remember this thread?

      My GM puts have made me over 20 g's (up 8 more that I haven't cashed in yet) since the contract that "will change everything" was signed.

      My F puts almost 10 g's (up 13 more I will be cashing in tomorrow first thing)

      My TM stock is basically a wash in that time frame.

      How is your GM stock doing? Let me guess you sold in the hight 30's to buy back in the low 20's? LOL you're so full of BS I can smell it over the computer. Told you I'd be back to rub your nose in it. Many thanks to you and purie for helping me make all this this money.


    • seems alot of jealousy about unions.

      i wonder if mexicans replace all white labor---then?


      but, where is the money to buy items?

      ahh, americans are dumb and short sighted. its all about management doing their job managing. and design.

      toyota will test 98 support. as far as its products..not really superior...ive worked on them and many others. it has a great reputation. built when american cars were at their worst. honda-nissan are the same level as toyota and most of the time easier to work on.

    • billdacat thinks.....

      >>>>>Game over, you lose..<<<<<



      YOU are the one whinning and snottin and cryin.
      The UAW is down the tubes....and good ridance....get over it. can stop writing your stupid diatribe essays on the great UAW saving the world. Everyone here is an adult and knows the score with the UAW...except YOU.

      YOU lose every time with the screwed up thinking you exhibit.

    • The UAW, like it or not, had something to do with the labor movement that made working conditions in this country far better than they were before unions had political leverage. You now enjoy the benefits won by the working class in days gone by but complain that they expect to be treated with respect. Poeple seem to think they were needed at one point, but not anymore.. well... sure, until the unions as a threat no longer exist and then employers can do whatever they want again.. maybe American kids can once again work 12hrs in a factory or coal mine in the near future.. something to look forward to, right? Maybe you should take half wages to bring some work back from other countries.. great solution.. I vote for that one!

      Some people are part of the solution in this country.. and some are part of the problem. It does not harm me in any way shape or form that UAW workers are paid fairly. Their healthcare has been burdensome to companies recently but that is more of a national problem in my opinion than one with any particular union or company.

      If foreigners are allowed to come to this country or import to this country and that destabilizes our social care especially... then who is to blame? Why do we have 47 million people without health insurance or millions with inadequate pensions despite decades of working service? Our cities are riddled with crime, many of our schools are ridiculously inadequate, our infrastructure is literally crumbling, and our technological superiority compared to other countries has mostly vanished.

      "According to the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, more than two million men and women are now behind bars in the United States.1 The country that holds itself out as the "land of freedom" incarcerates a higher percentage of its people than any other country."

      Is this part of the price of underpriced imports and a grossly huge trade imbalance? So you really think you aren't going to pay the price for the short sighted trade policies of our government? Think again .... the problems that are being created by our trade policies are going to take decades to fix even IF we decide to address them in the near future. Many of our cities look as if Toyota of Japan dropped bombs on them... and you are loyal to them. What sense does that make?

      Partisan politics isn't going to fix the problems brewing.. This country needs leadership from people who put this country first and stop selling out to the highest bidder. This doesn't require a Republican, Democratic, Socialist, communist or whatever party you want to name or label you want to put on any only requires a group of people with some integrity and loyalty which this country's citizens often appear to lack.

      Your arguments are lame.. might as well talk to a wall.

      Game over, you lose..

    • >>>>>The UAW is losing membership for several reasons:

      Increased productivity at domestic auto plants.<<<<<


      If Toyota and Honda were not kickin the UAWs ass they would still be at the bottom of the pile when it comes to productivity. Being productive is not what the UAW is all about. They are about raping and pillaging and plundering our American automobile manufacturers to the brink of destruction and beyond.
      $85/hr is outrageous for installing lugnits or doorhandles or janitors.....and they have the balls to blame Toyota and Honda for their plight.
      The UAW has shot themselves in the foot and killed their golden goose and now they want to blame everyone else....even the American public for their "preception problem".
      I'm surprised they weren't stupid enough to strike the detroit3 this would be in perfect character for them to do so.
      Under 500,000 and dropping fast

      More to come.

    • >>>>>The UAW is losing membership for several reasons:

      Foreign imported factories set up in primarily "non union" states.<<<<<<


      Don't it just gaulle your ass that Toyota would open plants in right-to-work states where their employees cannot be forced to join the UAW or any other union not of their choosing.

      Life's a bitch....ain't it.


    • >>>>>The UAW is losing membership for several reasons:

      Imports - millions of imported vehicles each year coming primarily from Japan.<<<<<<<


      WRONG Oh ignorant one.

      The UAW is losing membership because they cannot or will not compete with Toyota and Honda. About half of Toyotas sold in the U.S. are built here in the U.S. and the percentage grows. GM and Ford both import a very large percentage of the vehicles they sell here in the U.S. from Canada, Mexico, Korea...etc.
      SO the idea that imports help Toyota and Honda and hurt GM and Ford and Chrysler is just more finger pointing.
      If imports were outlawed.....GM and Ford would go broke immediately.
      The UAW cannot compete with the good old boys and girls from Toyota U.S.A. and thats a fact.
      The jobs bank, archaic work rules, $85/hr in wages and benefits, legacy medical costs, legacy retirement benefit costs, unable to fire the deadheads and loafers, unrealistic vacations and time off costs, confrontational work environment between UAW members and management.....on and on and on....
      The UAW cannot escape or hide from the truth by making foolish claims and finger pointing tactics.

    • I'm not in the UAW Mr. Dullwit.

      The UAW is losing membership for several reasons:

      Imports - millions of imported vehicles each year coming primarily from Japan.

      Foreign imported factories set up in primarily "non union" states.

      Increased productivity at domestic auto plants.

      None of these proves anything negative about unions or the UAW.

      You are persistent .. even if misguided and ignorant..

    • Unfortunately, the union is making the WRONG KIND OF CAR!


      Why not make a better car?? QUIT and go to work for TOYOTA!!

      Live Oil-Free with the Toyota RAV4-EV plug-in all-electric 80 mph 120 mile range EV!

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