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  • miken246 miken246 Sep 23, 2008 10:48 AM Flag

    Poor Unappreciated TM


    "Automotive News reports that Toyota is preparing a statement for a congressional hearing on the progress of EVs, the results of which could influence legislation that gives a big $7,500 tax credit to any hybrid with a battery pack rated at 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity or more. Toyota argues that the legislation is too restrictive and redefines what a hybrid is since the only vehicle eligible (that we know about) would be the 2011 Chevy Volt with its 16 killowatt-hour battery pack, though Toyota never calls out the series hybrid by name."

    Isn't that a shame!! Toyota, who has been the recipient of 50 years of Japanese government support (both in terms of subsidies and protectionism in their home market), and more recently U.S. government support thinks it's unfair. Don't you feel sorry for them?

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    • Enjoy...I know I am doing your homework for you, but heck if that is what it takes to break the unfounded myths you have heard, so be it.

      Oh look here's a dual dealership...

      Businessweek (unless you want to question it's validity, which I doubt)

      "And in the late '90s, Toyota sold about 20,000 Chevy Cavaliers in Japan in a deal that was put in place to ease trade frictions, before the venture fizzled out. "Even with our stronger dealer network, we weren't able to sell the cars," says Mitsuo Kinoshita, a Toyota executive vice-president."

      So there you have it, another unfounded proven false. You better go tell those posters on that article they were just caught lying.

    • Oh I see, like your copies of 'Solidarity' have no ties whatsoever to the US auto industry, uh-huh, sure.

      Let me ask you, what else should Toyota do to help combat the lies being told? I would think providing some media listing things like FACTS and not random posts on an article are a bit more believable.

      So let's put it to the test here, do YOU really want to go on record saying that the auto dealerships in Japan do NOT have dual sales?

    • Sorry, I only got this far:

      The author would like to extend his deep appreciation to Toyota U.S.A. for providing the funds that made the research and writing of this paper possible.

    • First of all elroy is completely and utterly dead wrong. Toyota is not "so debt free". Toyota has debt, it is just rated at AAA instead of GM's CCC. So I lend absoltely no credence to elroy at all. Besides, I noted he provided no examples nor any fact based arguments.

      User 269999 is also completely wrong. Toyota and other Japanese auto companies actually DO host dealerships that sell dual brands.

      "The Big Three complaints about the auto distribution system in Japan focus on the erroneous argument that Japanese vehicle manufacturers insist on "exclusivity" and do not allow their dealers to sell competing brands through what is known in the industry as "dual" outlets. Not only does independent analysis show this to be false, but there is also a wealth of evidence indicating that the U.S. manufacturers are guilty of precisely the practices they single out for reproach."

      Enjoy! More truth for you to read...

    • Scubaguy:

      Take a look at the posts from 'elroy' and 'user 26999' at the following site. It'll make your day:

    • We agree on that.

    • Since we are talking JD Power here did you bother to check the Initial Quality Study? Vehicle Dependability Study? Customer Retention Study?

      Toyota and Lexus dominate these. But hey, who needs customer retention, right?

    • <<My only point is that the U.S. companies, primarily GM and F are not light years behind anymore.>>

      Completely agree. GM and Ford have taken large strides in moving forward, and at least that is someone actually admitting they had a ways to go to catch up.

      My premise has always stated that two or even three tough competitors in any particular sector are the driving force behind advancements and fairness (see FedEx, Ups...Coke/Pepsi). Basically it keeps everyone on the up and up. I want to see a healthy GM, I want good competition because it benefits both the consumer and the sector.

    • We certainly did not establish that. You provided a couple of articles from 12-13 years ago, one written by the Ambassador from Japan, which contained carefully worded comparisons that don't compare apples to apples and you were sucked into it.

      I provided a white paper from the House Ways and Means committee.

      I have enjoyed the debate however, at least you aren't one of the name-calling idiots that we see so often on these boards who have NO data whatsoever.

      We agree to disagree and that's OK. I do have a lot of respect for Toyota, they came a long way since WWII and they still make good products. My only point is that the U.S. companies, primarily GM and F are not light years behind anymore.

    • You just proved yesterday that the market is mot certainly NOT closed. Even the article you provided showed it.

      I find it tremendously hilarious how GM provides extremely few if no products at all for Japan, yet whines about trade imbalance? Ha!

      Seriously, GM is even having a hard time providing vehicles people want here in the US let alone in Japan. Nice try, but nobody is buying that "it's unfair" load anymore.

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