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  • philipp10 philipp10 Jun 23, 2009 11:33 AM Flag

    Toyota quality going downhill

    I purchased a 2008 RAV4 in January 2008. 15 months later, the painted steel wheels are rusting. Dealer will replace them but said I should expect the same rust problem. I ask, why does Toyota offer a painted steel wheel in Minnesota if the paint will not hold up for at least 4-5 years. My 2000 Camry has painted rims and they are not rusty. The RAV4 has no wheel covers. Why is Toyota NOT fixing this issue. Any dealers mecahics care to comment? My phone number is 651-490-3883.

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    • Poor logic. Quality is down based on your car that you bought - painted steel wheel. Therefore, quailty is getting worse? Huh? How is that a pattern of poor quality? Besides that, they were willing to change the wheel, no guarantees though, at least that is your story. They did fix the issue by giving you a new wheel, but on the bigger issue, who knows. I don't have enough data to make a comment based on observation from you (a stranger).

    • Toyota having problems with intake manifold gaskets is news to me. I have never seen it. In the case of GM, the V6 is having near 100% failure of the intake manifold gasket by 110K miles. As far as my fuss over painted steel rusting after 15 months use, I don't what world you come from but I have seen painted steel rust free after 7-10 years, not 15 months. If you think 15 months is acceptable than I don't value your opinion anyway.

    • Philip : I hate to burst your bubble but Toyotas do have intake manifolds and they do have mucho problems with the intake manifold gaskets , in fact more so than GM . Here is the link . I think you made all this stuff up due to some grudge with GM . Of course thats understandable because just look at the fuss your making over painted wheels .

    • Don't get me wrong. In general, I love Toyotas. No more crappy intake manifold gaskets like GM's.

    • Phil----you made the right decision moving to the Toyota family.If you have a 5 year loan the option to trade in 3 years is excellent with the resale of your Toyota holding up better than the wheel problem.You should be able to trade & break even.

    • I was told I would get 1 set only

    • Dont get me wrong , I am not taking the side of Toyota or any other manufacturer who sells their product in a winter state . You seem to think that because they sell the Rav 4 in Minnesota that your wheels should not rust within 15 months . Thats the exact reason a warranty begins on the first date of delivery so it can cover a problem early on . Is it really the final product of rust or simply oxidization turning the wheel orange due to the constant dampness and your failure to wipe the wheels daily or garage the vehicle appropiately ? The dealer has already acknowledged that they will replace the wheels under the warranty period . Why should the paint hold up 4 years rather than 1 and a half years ? You are covered under warranty . Live with it . Based on your theory, because I live in a state where the temperature approaches 100 degrees my A/C unit should cool just as quickly as if I lived in Vermont when its 55 degrees and I should be bothering my local dealer as to why the car does not cool off as quickly as other coller states . . There is no issue , you created the problem by choosing Minn as your residence . You left your number but you forgot your name ---MR WHINER !

    • BTW my e-mail is I would like to hear from Toyota as to why they are not painting their steel wheel as well anymore.

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