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  • toyotasoldier toyotasoldier Nov 11, 2009 12:24 PM Flag

    Jesus , Please forgive me !

    I would like to go on record with the Almighty Lord that I never wanted to sell Americans dangerous Toyotas . I needed a job and there were plenty available at the local Toyota dealer . The requirements were that I spoke a little English , clean fingernails, and most importantly that I would not balk at $ 50 per sale . They also gave me a debit card on which I was rewarded lunch monies periodically for selling aftermarket products that people dont really need . You all are familar with Paint sealant that covers the factory sealant , Alarms that attach to the factory alarms, Gap insurance to cover the difference between what you owe and what the insurance will pay although we all know that banks no longer loan negative equity , and the most important part of my job was reminding Americans that Japanese quality is better and that the huge building behind the showroom should never be called a SERVICE DEPARTMENT , but rather a group therapy center . Please forgive me before the holidays for contributing greatly to this American recession .

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    • You think Jesus gives a rats behind on TM or recession? The economy is fake - made up by very wealth people and as TM being an unsafe company, then you need to blame all car and truck companies as well. In fact, blame ALL companies for not doing the right thing and the consumers still buy the stuff. Also blame the consumer for buying poorly made things (even well made things) and eco unfriendly products, made by slave labor. You think the computer that is in front of you is eco friendly?
      We are ALL to blame, and Jesus knows it.

    • Sorry to hear that you are a loser and paid $16 for your GM shares. Maybe you shold open a savings account and stop taking financial advice from the UAW and Yahoo message board posters.

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