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  • wallstreet_jim wallstreet_jim Dec 9, 2012 1:19 AM Flag

    Toyota RAV4 burning a lot of oil

    It seems Toyota quality may be a fantasy for those of us stuck with certain models with a known engine problem. I could never understand why my wife's 2006 RAV4 burned oil since the first day we owned it. I add a quart at 1,000 mile intervals, and have so for the past 6 years. Now at 142,000 miles (and 142 or so quarts later - just think what that cost) we're up to a quart every 700 miles. There is a service bulletin and basically Toyota did a great job keeping this under wraps until AFTER most of us passed the 60,000 mile point on the powertrain warranty. Then the service bulletin came out ... in 2011!

    We are not happy campers. We own 4 Toyota vehicles. Others in our circle of family and friends own about 100 more. They're all watching how this plays out with us. Guess how much bad press that equals?

    Toyota is not the company it once was. It's quality has really gone downhill. Sadly, contact with Toyota has been futile. Looks like we're done with Toyota...

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    • Your post is meaningless, don't you know? Anybody can post anything at any time. But I see the price of its share keep going up. I'm glad though that your circle of family amd friends bought 100 TM vehicles. To base your buying habits on one car that someone bought (whether this is a true story or not) is a joke. Are you all analyzing what cars you are buying and plus, who cares. The Board doesn't know what kind of people you are? Maybe you are one of those typical person that complain all the time and nothing is good enough for you. Maybe you beat up your car or didn't take care of the car? Had a accident? Your service person did a bad job on maintenance? But couldn't you say the samething about the other car manufacturers? You think all there cars are prefect and wonderful? Believe it or not, but bad things happen to other car too, don't you know.
      I don't like personal testimonies, again, meaningless.

    • took you long enough to wake up and smell the burning oil

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