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  • itswhatsintheboxthatcounts itswhatsintheboxthatcounts Jul 21, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Its a good thing folks still have a chance to sell TM at $ 130 before trial results crash it !

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Noriko Uno was afraid of driving fast, often avoiding the freeway and taking the same route every day from her Upland home to and from her family's sushi restaurant. She had put only 10,000 miles on her 2006 Camry in about four years.

    So when her car unexpectedly accelerated to speeds up to 100 mph on a street with a posted limit of 30, the 66-year-old bookkeeper did everything she could to slow down, stepping on the brake pedal and pulling the emergency brake handle as she swerved to avoid other vehicles.

    Uno was killed when her car went onto a median and struck a telephone pole and a tree.

    Hers is the first so-called "bellwether" case to go to trial that could determine whether Toyota Motor Corp. should be held liable for sudden unintended acceleration in its vehicles — a claim made by motorists that plagued the Japanese automaker and led to lawsuits, settlements and recalls of millions of its cars and SUVs.

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    • If you were a lawyer for TM you can say that Ms. Uno was a 'scared" driver to begin with. Now if it did speed up to 100 mph, is it the drivers fault because she got scared, especially if something happened while she was driving - outside interference or something happened inside the car and she panicked. When people panic they do crazy things. I'm not writing that it could be a problem with the car, but one has to keep an open minded, especially if we do not know all the fact - which we don't. I think this should be played out in the court system and don't jump to conclusions. I hate to say, this case won't matter one way or the other. Every car company has this and other problems to worry about. If you always had to worry about this odd situation that happens you would never have a business. You can't make a prefect vehicles and that is what is on the side of TM or any other manufacturer. The company must at least identify with the possible problem and then fix it or at least ry to fix it.

    • I see the parasite Dead Ender is still angry at TM for turning gm into Welfare Motors.

      Too bad
      So sad.


    • Please spare us BOX.Call Mr. Hood.Government Motors hides cases like this everyday & we never are told the truth.Go find another story Mr. Negative.

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