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  • samcanam2001 samcanam2001 Jul 24, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

    We need more recalls!!!!

    With all the positive news on Toyotas success the stock goes down.We need Governemnt propaganda from Mr. Hood.More negative news raises the stock price because Americans aren't stupid.

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    • "With all the positive news on Toyotas success the stock goes down"

      OK - so, what you need to do now is really enumerate "all the positive news" on toyoDUH's success. I'll start the list for you:

      Wait, aren't the two words, "toyota" and "success" together in a sentence an oxymoron? Or, are you just continuing to be a moron?

      We're waiting...

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You're right Sammy, Americans aren't stupid, but Canadians are.

      Some prime examples of your stupidity are the former head of NHTSA name was LaHood, not Hood as you have consistently state, and he is no longer there anyway. I'm sure you will have the same difficulty spelling his replacements name.

      As your peers at the dealership have moved up the corporate ladder, after twenty years you are still on the bottom rung. They just seem to fly past you. Do you get to walk Robs dog? Isn't that your special assignment?

    • Satan here...

      So Hood was at the wheel of every tm vehicle that left the road and burst into flames? Do the tm lawyers know you have this info? Could really help them prevent the massive checks they may have to write.

      BTW: What will you be wearing for the Nancy Grace show when she interviews you?

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