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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 11, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    DuPont Execs Attack & Alienate DuPont Customers!

    Dirty Strategy To Protect Their Jobs & Hide Gross Mistakes! Full Court Assault on Daimler-Benz Over SAFETY Concerns over DuPont Kullman Koolant for Car A/C


    Good Afternoon, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Konichiwa,

    Readers, over the years, we have seen this cheesy phenomenon time and time again. When something goes terribly wrong with a defective or harmful DuPont product, DuPont's arrogant and evasive bosses try to hide and blame their own DuPont customers. We have seen this repeatedly with DuPont's plant-withering and yellowing fungicide, BENLATE. We saw sleazy attacks on DuPont customers for "misapplication" and "misuse" of DuPont's extraordinarily toxic dandelion herbicide, Imprelis, which has killed a couple of $billion of mature trees across the nation.

    Now we see it with the questionable and controversial DuPont Kullman Koolant, an A/C refrigerant HFO-1234yf developed and peddled with DuPont partner Honeywell to the global auto industry. The big DuPont bosses and their shadowy lobbyists along with their hostile internet shills have been vindictively attacking Daimler-Benz publicly and behind the scenes. Why? Because Daimler leaders and engineers dare to have strong SAFETY reservations about using chemicals in the Kullman Koolant, which potentially can explode into a lethally toxic hydrogen fluoride fireball in the event of a serious crash according to Daimler's carefully engineered independent testing! DuPont bosses and their PR tricksters mock Daimler by claiming deceptively, if not dishonestly that the Kullman Koolant is comparable to motor oil.

    What is the acceptable risk? Consumer minds want to know. We predict all hell will break loose when the first fatal fireball is ignited by the DuPont Kullman Koolant in a horrific crash. Do auto-makers on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific want this sort of "acceptable risk"? Do new car owners?

    [TO BE CONTINUED] ...funfun..

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    • From the perspective of DD shareholders, what does this sort of public and covert attack on Daimler do for DuPont's sales? Really now, how inclined will auto-makers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) be to rush out and order DuPont products and services after they have been attacked and alienated? Attacked and mocked on the grounds of SAFETY concerns for their own customers, car-owners and their families and friends in the passenger seats? Mercedes makes some of the safest automobiles made on the planet, and their reputation is golden.

      Does any DD shareholder believe DuPont is at the top of Daimler's vendor list, not to mention VW or BMW which also have SAFETY reservations over the Kullman Koolant, given the nastiness already committed? When other suppliers have what is needed at the right price, we believe they will go non-DuPont.

      On the other hand, maybe DuPont Senior Management doesn't give a damn, if they are about to dump their DuPont Performance Chemicals unit, which contains the Kullman Koolant, huge legacy liabilities related to their extraordinarily toxic, cancer-causing Teflon chemicals, and potential and historical environmental illegalities involved in acid-manufacturing in run-down factories.

      Merely THE WEAK IN REVIEW digitally penned by one individual investor, GM, F & DD shareholder, and long-time student of the DuPlicitous DuPont...funfun..

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