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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 24, 2013 8:48 PM Flag

    Evading Accountability at DuPont: BLAME the Customers!

    Sleazy Strategy of Self Protection for Dishonest DuPont Bosses!


    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buona Sera,

    Readers, DuPont Management has a long documented history of dodging responsibility for their colossal $billion blunders and frauds. The harmful and defective fungicide DuPont BENLATE triggered a nasty attack by DuPont Management against their own DuPont AG customers, accusing growers and nurseries of fraud and misuse. BENLATE has cost DD shareholders more than $2 billion and the tab is still running.

    More recently you will recall when the first signs of a countrywide pandemic of trees destruction occurred immediately after application of the dandelion lawn treatment, the fraudulently marketed "eco-safe" DuPont Imprelis, DuPont execs rushed to blame their own customers publicly. Remember the Global Business Leader of DuPont UnProfessional Products, Michael McDermott, and his PR flim-flam artists firing off a letter on June 17, 2011 blaming lawn care professionals for misuse and misapplication of DuPont's phony "greatest advance in herbicides in forty years"? Imprelis, Tell Us!

    Next comes the Kullman Koolant, DuPont-Honeywell HFO-1234yf for car A/C, which an independent authority in Germany, KBA, found could potentially explode into a lethally toxic gas fireball in a severe crash, confirming earlier investigative findings of Daimler engineers. Evading any responsibility, DuPont Management immediately began a sleazy PR campaign claiming the Kullman Koolant was only "mildly flammable" and as safe and innocent as motor oil Never mind when motor oil touches a very hot engine, it does not explode into toxic gas capable of eating windshield glass as well as human lungs.


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    • Reprising their dirty strategy of blame-the-customer, the automotive original equipment manufacturer, DuPont
      execs along with their unethical internet operatives and shills begin to attack Daimler, accusing them of faulty testing and implying there is a design flaw in Mercedes-Benz motorcars. DuPont Management stooges even go so far as to claim the Kullman Koolant is perfectly harmless, and "an acceptable risk" because three out of four car models passed their KBA crash tests, and Mercedes has the problem, a design defect!

      Rabid DuPont fans are even stabbing DuPont partner, Honeywell in the back, implying that the hydrogen fluoride-based Kullman Koolant could have been dreamed up and developed in the labs of Honeywell, not DuPont. (Perhaps, a Honeywell representative or manager could tell us if there is any factuality in this allegation.)

      Friends, just posit, the unlikely and yet not unrealistic event: A 20-wheeler slams into your car as you slow for traffic on I-95, pushing your new car into the guard rail which such force, Kullman Koolant begins leaking over your engine, super-heated from driving over 80 mph. Voilà You find yourself in the one marked model out of four tested independently by the KBA. As you and your spouse and kids flail and struggle frantically to escape, a toxic fireball explodes... Your surviving parents and siblings will be bringing that $250 million lawsuit against the car-maker, Honeywell, the auto dealer, the parts manufacturer, parts supplier, and yes, DuPont, prominently naming what DuPont execs are hawking as yet, "another great DuPont innovation". The Killer Kullman Koolant.

      Merely, of course, THE WEAK IN REVIEW, and individual opinion of one retail investor and long-time student
      of the ethically bankrupt DuPont Company...funfun..

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