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  • maryfaykay maryfaykay Sep 9, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    Toyota Cannot be Trusted !

    DETROIT (AP) -- A repair announced last year did not solve a dangerous safety problem concerning 880,584 RAV4 SUVs and Lexus HS 250h sedans in the U.S. and Canada . They are guessing that Toyota sent out the wrong instructions or that technicians at its dealerships didn't follow the correct procedures. They also said technicians need additional training.

    This is not an isolated case since the Rav4s are the ones built between 2006 and 2011 and the Lexus is every HS250S since 2010

    Toyota claims the rear lower suspension arm can rust and separate from the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

    Not one isolated case but at least nine crashes and three injuries related to the problem have been reported, according to the NTSA, and not a few but over 131 owners have complained about the issue to NHTSA and Toyota.

    Toyota technicians will inspect the vehicles and replace suspension arms which are loose or rusted for free to avoid more folks being severely injured .

    I certainly hope so , did they actually believe for a second that they could charge for their incompetence ?

    Oh , What a feeling Toyota !

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    • Best stick with a Government car company BOX.It is a safer bet.Overpaid execs,overpaid UAW workers{whats left of them} & poor products is a much better bet.Who cares if they went bnankrupt & stiffed Americans.Go ahead & support a loser like you are by your illiterate posts.

      • 2 Replies to samcanam2001
      • Typical expected response from Sam or Blue displaying personality disorders, as well as learning disabilities in each and every post . How sad !

      • Satan here...

        When will tm pay back US and Canadian taxpayer$ for the billion$ in freebie$ they were given? Sounds like tm doesn't need any financial incentive$ to build vehicle$ that are number 1 in recall$. Also like to know what dollar/yen number tm has set aside for pending lawsuit $ettlement$? Wouldn't want tm to be known as a company that $tiffed US and Canadian citizen$.

        These are item$ you should have at your disposal. Please post. Thank$.

        BTW: Maybe a spell and grammar check are in order for your post. blue_nuts can help after his clinic session? Hope so.

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