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  • maryfaykay maryfaykay Jan 22, 2014 9:04 AM Flag

    Tacoma holds its rust , not it's value , Oh What a feeling ! Seems like Sam lied again

    Robert of Hopatcong, NJ on Sept. 15, 2013
    Satisfaction Rating1/5
    I'm disgusted with Toyota after finding out about this frame rust and having them not honor the buyback. I will never ever buy another Toyota. I brought my truck in on Jan 12, 2012 and the service writer's exact words when I asked about the rust issue was "you're good". I took that as everything was OK. I find out last week that the one side of the frame is rotting through! I'm the original owner and I bought it back in 2004. Now the frame is shot! I think we should all get together and sue Toyota for this! Put them on the news! I can't afford to buy another truck now. They are very dishonest; shame on Toyota! They sold me a brand new truck with a faulty frame, there shouldn't be an expiration date to bring your truck in, not with this issue. They should do the right thing and honor the buyback even if the so-called expiration date expired!

    David of Danville, IA on Sept. 3, 2013
    Satisfaction Rating1/5
    Completely rust through frame - I bought a 1998 Toyota Tacoma brand new from the lot in 1998. I called up the Toyota Motor Company. They told me they had a buy back for that year. I was told they sent out information to each owner. I have lived at the same address, have had the same phone number, and did not receive any information on the buy back. They told me I was a month late. When I gave them the VIN number, they told me where I lived and my address. They had this information yet I was not informed. The truck needs the whole frame replaced at a cost of $10,000.00. I feel this is something that Toyota selling me a defective product should be responsible for.

    Heather of Wilmington, MA on Sept. 2, 2013
    Satisfaction Rating1/5
    Undercarriage of my 2005 Toyota Tacoma is badly rusted. Had dealership inspect the frame. They deemed it safe and documented my concerns. Rust is so bad pieces are visible in my driveway. Asked the dealer about rust

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