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  • bananas500 bananas500 Feb 21, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    Recalls are a good business practice

    Toyota cares, right? If you are selling a big ticket item or any item in fact, you want to make your customers or future customer feel at ease that the company is there to help you in any way. If there is a problem, WE fix it! We stand by our products and will listen to our customers. Now, why wouldn't you buy a Toyota product now? Good Business! I'm not sure why people don't get that and these repeated posts about recalls come up? They know there "might" be a problem, so we fix it. What's the problem?

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    • really?

      Would you want to have something, that you spent a LOT of hard-earned $$ on, be recalled multiple times? It is horribly inconvenient, as an owner, to schedule and keep that appointment. You may have to miss some work, for hours sometimes, waiting for the vehicle to get fixed. Who would want to do that just because the OEM screwed up, many times, as toyoDUH has? You think that toyoDUH product owners are HAPPY that they have to arrange to have these vehicles fixed? Of course, customers should be glad that the issue will be taken care of, BUT THAT IS TO BE EXPECTED. If an OEM screws up, the customer EXPECTS it to be resolved - and quickly, if it's a safety issue. It still doesn't mean that it's not a pain in the rear end to make it happen.

      The only thing that a customer should ever have to worry about is scheduled maintenance. THAT should be the goal of all OEMs. It's clearly not that important to toyoDUH...

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    • If you say the problem happen "all the time" with TM products, that bogus. It happens to all cars. We all know TM makes good products and have alot of satified customers like myself. You may love Ford products and for some reason you just don't like TM for whatever reason, so be it. It still doesn't take away from TM products. I know the people on these boards play there own games, but all it is a bunch of Noise.

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      • "If you say the problem happen "all the time" with TM products, that bogus."
        THAT statement is bogus - it DOES happen all the time and toyoDUH is the clear champ over each of the last 2 years (#1 in recalled volume of vehicles). Since '09, they've probably recalled over 36 MILLION vehicles globally. The same vehicle being recalled mulitple times are included in that total.
        It is a FACT and well publicized...

        "It happens to all cars."
        Not so sure about ALL cars, but toyoDUH has the lion's share of recalled products. It's not a good thing and toyoDUH's reputation has indeed been damaged.

        "We all know TM makes good products and have alot of satified customers like myself."
        Good is not good enough and satisfaction is all relative...

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