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  • maryfaykay maryfaykay Feb 23, 2014 9:10 PM Flag

    Dirty little liar boy sammy neglected to disclose the truth about the scamry including fleet sales in their totals.

    Camry has long dominated the midsize sedan segment and has been known for its fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability during its 12-year stay at the No. 1 spot. While Toyota's Camry was again named the best-selling midsize car in 2013, that isn't the whole story. That ranking takes more into account than just sales to typical car buyers. In terms of sales to actual individual car buyers, or retail sales, another vehicle edged out the Camry for the top spot in 2013. In addition to that, other challenges room for Toyota's Camry, and 2014 could be the year the king of the midsize segment is finally replaced, for good.

    New king of the hill
    Honda Motor Co. (NYSE: HMC ) announced in a recent press release its Accord was the best-selling car to individual car buyers. In case you don't follow the automotive industry, there are really two ways to look at vehicle sales figures. Total manufacturer sales can be broken down into two major segments: retail sales and fleet sales.

    Toyota's overall sales continued on top with more than 408,000 vehicles sold in 2013. However, its retail sales to individual car buyers accounted for only 342,007 units of that figure. The rest were fleet sales to rental companies or businesses.

    Honda has taken a different strategy, and a potentially more profitable one at that. Honda's Accord sold far fewer overall vehicles at 366,678 units; however, the Accord sold a vast majority -- 360,089, to be precise -- to individual car buyers. That makes Honda's Accord the most purchased vehicle in terms of retail sales to individual customers.

    While Honda's Accord only owns the top spot in terms of retail sales, don't be surprised if the Camry loses its overall No. 1 position in 2014 as well.

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    • The best cars go to fleet because of reliability.Companies buy from manufactures that they trust will give the best service. Could you imagine having a government car compnay in your fleet----no way.

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      • Poor little Sammy boy is lying again , the cheapest cars go to fleet rental . and the cheap cars sell quickly to folks who have challenged credit . The only folks who rave about toyota quality are losers who cannot afford anything else or who do not qualify for regular bank financing. There is a inside joke at toyoDUH service centers . If your turn signals don't work , its the floor mats. If your car doesn't start , its the floor mats. It is a proven fact that toyoDUH quality is non existent , otherwise they would not be leading the recall list . Your nose is growing by each of your foolish posts . Oh, and little Sammy, you should have paid more attention in those Canadian schools. Its manufacturers not manufactures and its company not compnay . Grow up little boy, we have your number !

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