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  • upsetwithtoyota upsetwithtoyota Jan 13, 2000 7:08 PM Flag

    Beware Toyota Extra Care policy

    I'm not sure it was a "Certified Used Vehicle"
    with the 128 point inspection. Our policy was for two
    years or 24,000 miles. In any case I'd bet you money
    that the "Certified comprehensive warranty" you
    mentioned has fine print excluding sludge as a cause of
    failure. And I'd bet in the event of engine failure the
    warranty would not pay and Toyota Motor Insurance Services
    would refer you to the back to the dealer blaming them
    for an improper inspection. Or they would blame the
    oil change stations for installing �inferior oil.�
    They really don�t care about the reason for the
    failure, as they told me, �the contract you signed
    excludes damage caused from sludge and we won�t pay.�

    You are in the Chicago area, so are we. The car was
    purchased at Toyota of Naperville and when we got the car
    it was heavily perfumed� after a few weeks it became
    apparent the perfume was there to mask a foul smell�
    detail shops and upholstery treatments only helped for a
    few days. We assumed the previous owner had a dog
    that urinated on the seats� after nearly a year, and
    taking the interior apart twice, we found the problem� a
    pound of hamburger wrapped in cellophane between the
    right quarter panel and the trunk trim panel. The
    previous owner apparently wanted to stick it to the
    dealer. I�m sure the dealer didn�t know the hamburger was
    there but he did know about the smell�

    Yes, I
    will write the newspapers and everyone else I can
    think of. And after we get the car back I�ll tell you
    which Toyota dealer is screwing us now on the engine
    repair and how bad they got us.

    Thanks for
    listening. Did you use to work for Toyota? Or are you a

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    • I have one more item to mention. You can get a
      title search from the Secretary of State for about $30.
      This would give you the name and address of previous
      owner/owners. With a little luck you may be able to contact
      them and get some history on your car. Maybe they did
      take care of your car and it was a lemon from the
      start. Since you think they wanted to get even with the
      dealer I�m sure they would be helpful. If the car was
      sold new by this dealer, all records of service would
      be on record. I know all of this sounds like a lot
      of time and trouble for a long shot. This is what
      the dealer is counting on and you will give up. If
      anything it will be a great consumer education from buying
      a toaster to a house to stocks.
      Good luck.

    • No, I do not work for Toyota. I am a stockholder
      (since 1969). Never worked for a car dealer, but have
      plenty of experience with them. My first job was with a
      finance company that would loan money to people so they
      would have a down payment to buy a car. Back then I had
      a lot of contacts at the dealerships, and the one
      thing I learned was that didn�t care if it cost you
      $1000 for them to make $1.One word of advice; did you
      ever hear someone say they have a friend at the
      dealership? More then likely they bought a car from this
      �friend�. Unless this friend is a blood reative (and still
      be cautious) don�t trust him. Back to you problem.
      Since you live in Illinois, you may want to contact the
      States Attorney Fraud Division. In the 80�s I had an on
      going problem with a Dodge dealer in Berwyn. The dealer
      got a letter from them and low and behold the problem
      was resolved almost overnight. I�m not sure if this
      office still exist. Jim Mateja is the auto columnist for
      the Chicago Tribune. Every Sunday his column appears
      in the transportation section. I like his column,
      mostly because of all the letters from people who have
      had dealer problems. Also, my guess is that Toyota
      did not underwrite the policy you bought. The dealer
      is probably writing the policy himself through some
      subsidy. Every dollar he doesn�t pay out goes in his
      pocket. One last word. �SLUDGE� this must be the catch
      all answer which means they probably never replaced
      an engine for free.
      Good luck, maybe I�ll see
      your letter in paper.

      P.S. Good thing the
      dealer didn't know about the hamburger, I'm sure he
      would have charged you for it. :)

    • The use of an oil filter other than a
      filter can and will cause major
      engine damage.A
      TOYOTA filter is not
      only a filter it has bypass
      valve should
      it ever clog and has far superior
      system than an aftermarket filter.Also what
      kind of
      oil did you use? a lot of brands
      of oil degrade
      the instant the car is started
      so an oil change
      may be required more often
      than the book
      This goes for more car companies than TOYOTA
      are required to use factory authorized
      part or
      ruin your vehicle.
      Does any of your oil change
      dumps ever use factory parts.Never in your life
      specialty is fast service.

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