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  • out_of_the_rat_race out_of_the_rat_race Jan 15, 2000 5:37 PM Flag

    Beware Toyota Extra Care policy

    I think that if you can prove with receipts that
    you lived up you your end of the deal, you would have
    a strong case. The car was sold to you with an
    existing problem. You paid a lot of money to avoid exactly
    what is happening to you now. If you have the time and
    energy, go to court.
    I think you should call Toyota
    (no letters or e-mails) and insist to talk with
    somebody with authority that can overturn the previous
    decision or at least explain to you what caused this
    sludge in the first place. Be sure to get the names and
    times you talk to anybody and make a note of what they
    say. If they won�t talk to you its another good point
    to bring up in court. If they tell you it was a
    preexisting condition , another good point. I wish you all
    the luck in the world and will pass the word along as
    to what to expect from Toyota's service departments.

    I wonder how the dealer would react if you put a
    copy of the rejection letter on the windshield of the
    cars on his lot some Sunday morning. I sure there�s a
    law agents it or is there. When you get your car back
    put a sign on it "I bought this lemon at xxxxxxx, ask
    me about it!" and make a few visits to the dealer
    for whatever reason you can think of. Be sure to pick
    a good parking spot.

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