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  • upsetwithtoyota upsetwithtoyota Jan 10, 2000 10:13 PM Flag

    Beware Toyota Extra Care policy

    We purchased a used Toyota Celica with 55,000
    miles on it from a Toyota Dealer. We bought the Toyota
    Extra care policy to protect our investment. After
    putting on 23,000 miles, with the oil changed every
    3,000-3,500 miles, the engine froze. Toyota disallowed the
    claim because of �sludge in the engine� in denying the
    claim they said it didn�t matter how often we changed
    to oil and antifreeze because �sludge� was exempt
    from coverage and they didn�t have to pay. Toyota said
    it didn�t matter that the oil light never came on,
    �there was sludge in the engine and therefore the policy
    doesn�t cover the engine�. What good is the policy? If it
    had failed a week after we bought the car would they
    still have disallowed the claim because �sludge was
    present and therefore not covered.� Then why sell a
    policy on a used car? Why not require the selling dealer
    to internally certify the engine before taking the
    money for the policy? What did we do wrong to require
    us to spend $4,000 for a replacement engine that
    should have been covered by the $800 policy they sold
    us? This engine failed through no fault of ours,
    apparently the previous owner neglected the car and Toyota
    wont stand behind it.

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    • Try small claims court since they will probably hear a case with a $4,000 claim. Who knows, Toyota may not even send a lawyer to contest. Small claims is perfect for David vs. Goliath.

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    • I came across some information regarding class
      action law suits agenst dealers not living up to their
      end of the extended warranty deal. The one I saw
      involved JOE RIZZA FORD, Inc. (case No 94C5688 Judge
      Bobrick). The attorneys for the plaintiff have a web site:
      The Rizza case dose not comes up on this website (too
      new?) but others do. I would contact these people and
      see if your dealer is involved in any kind of class
      action suit and if not maybe they should be. I hope you
      can add this to your ammunition for your case.

    • Yes, got the car back, had them put in a used
      (not rebuilt) engine... cost was $3,200. River Oaks
      Toyota in Calumet City, IL did the work... I don't think
      we have anything to be mad at them for, they were in
      the middle.

      Due to Jury Duty, calls to the
      manager of Toyota Motor Insurance Services, Mike Martin,
      were limited but he is still not available to talk to
      us. Mark Yancy appears to be the highest level you
      can talk to... just like they said the very first day
      "Mike Martin won't talk to you."

      We are
      preparing letters to the newspaper columnists but we have a
      few more bases to cover first.

      Thanks for
      asking, too bad no one at Toyota Motor Insurance is as
      concerned as you appear to be.

    • Hope you got your car back by now. Tell us what's happening.

    • I do not think the filter was clogged but
      failure to use TOYOTA AUTHORIZED parts
      etc. You run this risk these parts will
      VOID a warranty too.

    • Thank you very much for contacting Mike Martin
      about our situation. You suggested that I call and
      insist to talk to Mike Martin. I called Toyota ExtraCare
      five or six times and could get no higher than Mark
      Yancy who was one level above whoever answers the
      phone. I did insist to talk to someone higher than Mark
      Yancy and Mark said Mike Martin was the only person
      higher than he. He said Mike Martin was not in until the
      next business day but �he will not talk you anyway, I
      am the highest person you get to talk to.� In
      calling back trying to find another path to some one who
      would listen, someone told me how to appeal by email;
      by emailing We did that and
      Mike Martin emailed back that our case would be
      reviewed and we would be contacted. Mike Martin did not
      give us a phone number to call and talk to him
      personally, as we wanted (but he did give it to you, -
      strange). A few days later we got the �rejection of claim�
      letter reiterating their excuse. They just quoted the
      policy, just what Mark Yancy had been telling me �this
      agreement does not cover failure due to contamination of
      fluids or lubricants, including sludge, etc� When we
      towed the car to the Toyota dealer said the �fluids all
      look good.� The oil change sticker on the car
      windshield showed the oil had most recently been changed
      approximately 3,200 miles prior.

      We WILL call Mike
      Martin and I will report back what he said but I can
      already tell you what he will say. (�this policy excludes
      coverage for��)

      Thank you again,

      �n2opj� apparently thinks the oil filter was plugged up,
      it was not, it was the oil pickup screen that was

    • If what " n2opj" is true there must be thousands
      of cars with the same problem.
      �The use of an oil
      filter other than a
      TOYOTA filter can and will cause
      major engine damage.�

      I e-mailed Toyota and got
      the following response from Michael Martin:

      will be happy to review your concern and respond. In
      addition, in an effort to maintain
      customer privacy, our
      policy is to communicate only with the customer who
      purchased the VSA (or the dealer or other repair facility
      used by the customer) on any VSA claim

      Mike Martin
      Claims Manager
      800-228-8559 ext.

      I suggest you call and insist to talk to him
      Good luck and let us know what he said. I especially
      interested if he would talk to
      you personally. Many
      times employees will not pass information on to
      supervisor. I seriously don�t belive he will not talk to you.

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