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  • okjustthefacts okjustthefacts Oct 29, 2001 10:58 PM Flag


    Todays info was in Alterra's 10-Q in August - it was public info then and really had no effect on the stock price (these residences always were step children for both companies and now they can convert back to being HCR residences - from what I remember some of them resembled remodeled Holliday Inns (do you HCR history research) - in any matter they were not typical Alterra residences.

    How does it effect things? The Debt and assets were reduced.

    The HCR law stuff? - Is also old news - so the price if it changed any already reflects every bad news item out there.

    There is only one last piece of bad news - that can effect the price - will Alterra get its head above water? - the next 1/4 ly should give us a pretty good idea or hint.

    The only reasons to hold the stock -
    Too high a basis to sell (sales commission takes away basis)

    Company gets bought out (good? don't know)

    Company gets some kind of restructured debt.

    They turn things around a make enough to service the debt

    The interest rates effect debt service ability.

    And THEN There are the reasons not to -
    You could lose every last cent you have in the stock.