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  • dr_program dr_program Apr 28, 2004 10:53 AM Flag

    All these people can't all be wrong

    Jerry, if everyone says you are a moron, and you are the only one claiming otherwise, who do you think is right?

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    • What's this us bullshit? You won't see another fucking dime for yourself. Hmmm, nobody has ever made money off pizza. Not John Schneider or La Nova or any of those people. Um, if I get my shop open once again, I'll make more in one year than you'll ever make cleaning people's toilet water.

    • Yeah, if the stock drops any more, Jerry will have to learn to read and get a real job. His minimum wage job won't be able to support his needy little ass. He'll probably just try to sponge off the rest of us. He already sponges off the unions to protect himself. It'd be nothing to take it to the next level.

    • I was a PARTNER. Damn you are dumb. A matter of fact, they did want to launder money through it and that is why we got out. The business was great, but not worth the risk of prison. Honest people do stuff like getting out of a business when it is a front for illegal shit. A liar like you would've stayed and taken the risk. You have no fucking room to talk. You have the least integrity of anyone I've ever "seen". You are the biggest fucking liar here and most uneducated also. Go fuck yourself waste water boy!

    • Yeah good job you lying fuck! I see you lied once again. You just said you put me on ignore. I knew you didn't. Why don't you lie to us some more? And I do vote. I served this country and I do vote in it. I do have 2 real jobs. I don't deliver pizza and haven't delivered in 7 years. If you knew how to read, I said that more than once. I know what that equals. And I also put that in a previous message genius. And I know when you buy stock at prices higher than .82, your fucking average price goes up. If you weren't so god damn retarded you'd know how full of shit you are. You fucking come in this room and give us this bullshit that you are buying up more stock and try to claim your average price is the same. You are so fucking full of shit it is ridiculous. Go get a real job and go to fucking school. Your stupidity is making the rest of this room suffer.

    • Make that 250 million. Glad to see the residents of your commonwealth are smarter
      than you, pizza doughboy. Big time contracts have already been awarded to our company.
      This 250 mil should even gives us more.

      Pizza Pizza....LMFAO!

    • Such a dumb ass not taking profit at 2.5

      Just about as dumb as he can get...

      If he bought at 82cents so what... he's gonna sell it right back for 82 cents if he dont sell now.

      Give the boy a break though, he already lost half of his mom's money

    • I guess simple math is too difficult for you to comprehend!


      Any pre-school teachers out there willing to help this poor kid?


    • Zero boy is back. Go back and play with
      your lover "tostitos", dr. dickhead.
      Put you two in a bag shake and which
      ever drops out is a "worthless" as the one inside.

    • Hey moron,

      Do this math...

      20,000 X (-)13 cents = YOU LOST $2,600 TODAY!


      and since January 2004, do this math (and I'll try to keep it very simple for you)...

      $2.50/share (then) - $1.50/share (now) = $1 difference

      $1 X 20000 shares = $20,000


      Don't you feel stupid for not selling? You keep holding onto those penny shares. Just wait... it's gonna get better from here!


    • You owned? LMFAO! Probably a front for
      a couple of drug dealers. You were probably
      laundering money for them and didn't even
      know it....LOL.
      Boy, you talk about a bullshitter. Go try
      to impress fantasy girl. Thats the best you
      can do.

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