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  • abel72053 abel72053 Jan 20, 2005 9:48 PM Flag

    gunshow2000 = paid basher

    I have read this exact same message on other boards today.

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    • I just posted a similar but not exact message board on the other scam stock, ASTM. You're right, I am paid. By myself. Shorting this garbage aggressively all day yesterday, today and tomorrow. When its under $4 by February 1, I'll be counting my money. Any intelligent longs are selling tomorrow. The party's over. You morons holding are the same ones buying TZOO over $100. That POS will be $10 by the end of the year and STEM will be lucky to still be around in 2 years. They won't see a penny from the state and federal funding - it all goes to universities and hospitals, not money losing black hole joke companies like STEM.

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      • Hey freakshow2000,

        We are the Universities you slow study. We longs have chewed up dumbshits like you from .53/share. What's going to happen is you may make a little chump change to pay the loan on your singlewide trailer, while sometime in Dec, I'll be paying cash for my new Fleming 55 Motoryacht. I was picking out the equipment for it today. It's a million dollar machine, so I need to put the order in early, as they handbuild them in Kaoshung.

        Tootaloo, you moron,


      • Hey Gunshow, somehow you appear from thin air today...hmmmm, was is this morning...and all of a sudden you are a "PRO" on stem cell research?

        I hope someone kicks your really uneducated butt! Do your own DD you peace of crap who has no idea what the heck he is talking about.

        Hope you loose $50.00 (LOL)tomorrow just for being such a total jack.....

      • Many shorts, like yourself, are idiots. Every once and a while you come across an intelligent short poster, but you're not one of them. Funding is a problem? Do your research, funding goes to Stanford, where StemCell is doing its IND, and that means StemCell doesn't have to fund its IND. Or it goes directly to StemCells because of Weissman's connections. Just stop talking though.

    • Notice how he recommended his own post also.

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