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  • MrTeng MrTeng May 9, 2001 2:45 PM Flag

    I am out .look at NEXL

    Run both STEM and NEXL charts simulatniously and see how they mirror each other. Expect nice gains from NEXL soon.

    Once again thanks STEM. Kept a token 100 free shares.

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    • Yes, but Nexl has always been a weaker stock. An investment in Nexl 2 years ago would have left you down -68%, while Stem would be up +132%.

      Getting out of STEM and into NEXL was the wrong move, kiddo IMHO.

      Of course, I'm occasionally wrong.

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      • All I can say is that I have always stated that I have made more money in STEM. Yet purley from a technical perspective NEXL and STEM seem to mirror one another on good news. My main point is that news in one leads investors to think that a breakthrough could be on the horizon for the other, and if the other ios down it is most likely a good buy, especially since NEXL has solved their legal problems. But I both trade and go long. And as far as STEM in concerned they did a very wise thing by creating a stronger value for their share holders by selling their shares of modex. I love STEM and again will buy on any dips. ANY DIPS. I will buy down from here, if we go down. If I see any reason to buy on the upside from here. I will. I have often been wrong, and will be wrong again, but I mostly trade, and have been very very satisfied here with STEM. I kept 100 shares this time, and I have few hundred from previos trades, but all my money is off the table. When, hopefully not if, this company ever pulls through, I am still sitting pretty here. Now I for one think that is called smart investing regardless of which company is a better long investment. And yes NEXL at its high does represent a greator loss, and since STEM came from a lower level it does represent a better gain, but if you look at it in trading terms on technical levels the two are very equal. Over...

    • Good luck to you.

    • NEXL is a technology company that sells magnetic separation systems. It's good technology, they've been selling different kits for a while now, and have substantial revenues. However, I don't see a lot of growth potential - at least compared to a company like STEM.

      STEM is developing novel applications for stem cell transplantation and intends (among other things) to do their own in-house flow sorting to isolate stem cells prior to expansion and delivery for clinical transplantation. This is virgin territory, and it is far from clear exactly how many applications there will be. The growth potential is enormous, although the potential for total failure also exists.

      NEXL is a much more conservative investment.

    • I agree with MrTeng--I wasn't able to get STEM before the recent jump, but I do own NEXL and expect it to also jump in the next few days. STEM investors might be interested--check out the NEXL board to see the various opinions on the company.


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