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  • gladysschool gladysschool Apr 28, 2005 11:38 PM Flag

    One of two stocks up at end of day

    For my entire watchlist of about 60 stocks, PMTI was only one of two that ended up in the green.

    Today was a high-volume distribution day and, in the face of a bloodbath, buyers knew they had a gem with today's earnings.

    Well done PMTI.

    Can't wait to see the moves when the market looks up ! ! !


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    • As far as shorting PMTI goes, although I have never shorted a stock and most likely never will, there have been good opportunities to do it.

      When PMTI ran to $20 it worked its way back to $13. When it shot up to $26 it got back to $18. Then since the runup to $30 it has fallen under $22.

      Looks like anytime exhuberance takes it to a significant new high, the following correction takes it down 30%+.

      Good luck to those who have the stomach for it and don't mind the short-term taxes.

    • let me try; I am not a physican but I know the
      company quite a while.....The market for cosmetic laser therapy is growing rapidly and is more and more a normal procedure; a friend who is surgeon is heavily working in the area
      of hair removal. The baby boomers want to get the tatoos away; they want to look smart and they are spending money for that, and they have the money. The use of lasers in the medical and cosmetic field is open for so many more applications, i.a. akne and wound healing etc. Huge markets to be addressed and PMTI is at the forefront. They have high capacities in this area as partners = Dr. Rox Anderson, Harvard Medical School, Mass.Gen.Hosp. and partners as Gillette and JnJ = they should have done due dilligence before going in bed with PMTI ! The army, too. Why giving PMTI an initial order, not the Cuteras, Candelas and Synergen (ELOS) of this world ? And: why have the AAA-funds as Pioneer invested so much (percentage wise in relation to outstanding equity). And: the key-people of PMTI, as Michael Smotrich, started with lasers in the medical field in the sixties (big know how from Russia/Academy of Sciene etc. (Russian research was much better in this field as from the US). With Palomars Laser-systems it is like a one-solution-partner/product-family-product range; with the handpieces PMTI has
      recuring revenues; the physician only needs one machine which can grow with applications....So, there are so many arguments speaking FOR PMTI, also: when Lumenis already partnered with PMTI and paying licence fees (the same Coherant is doing on older machines developed by a former PMTI-
      subsidiary) why shouldn�t Cutera not do the same ? Both are based in my thinking on the same suit-argumentation !?

      The coverage of big brokerage houses for ELOS instead of PMTI in my view has to do with "relationsship management" but this should change in 2005 - my guess.

      We should ask the shorts about their reasons why they go/went short PMTI ? What are the reasons behind that doing ? Overvaluation ? Do not think so; ELOS is much loftier valued...
      Preference of Management/companies ?

    • And I believe that that 50-100 million is per year. Just for starters.

    • Not to mention a bonus of maybe in the nieghborhood of 50-100 million going right to the bottom line from Gil. followed by J.J. real soon. You don't increase you work force ahead of schedule for the hell of it. Nor do you speak to Gil. everyday if the project is not ahead of schedule. Asked my daughter and some of her freinds what they thought of such a product and there was no hesitation from anyone. They all said where and when. Try it yourself. Of course with people you know.

    • jack

      I took that statement, "good through 2005", to mean "we see no interuptions in our growth track through the remainder of the year", with no implication of any kind for 2006 and beyond.

      This company is leading the pack (StarLux going to customers at 30% to 50% less cost than the competition), no debt, cash building up, partners paying 100% of R&D costs to develope products for the mass market, and PMTI crusing along managing its growth and introduction of new products and applications.

      I, for one, am sitting back enjoying the show and ignoring the gyrations in the p/e ratio as investors begin to enter their "gloom and doom" phase.

      With the 1st qtrs 19 cents replacing '04's 1st qtr 7 cents, the trailing 12 mo earnings are now 72 cents, and Friday's closing p/e is now 31x for a company growing 50% a year, what's not to like?

    • A couple of comments have been made referring to business being good through 2005. This bothers me. What does that mean? Is there an anticipated slowing of business in 2006? Perhaps I read the comments wrong.
      For the record I own many shares at 1.00 per, and am a strong buy; but for the life of me I can't figure out the comment I write about. Will those smarter than me give me an educated guess about my concern. Thanks.

    • 1.Slowing growth rate- Lowest sequentiel growth rate in last 4 quarters. Seq growth was only 2.5%

      2. Expenses growth much higher than top line growth.